Hunter suggestion: Class.Trapper-Donald trump POLL


I suggest the next hunter should be Donald trump, here is a list of his abilities.

  1. We need to build a wall or WNTBAW for short- This ability will allow Donald trump to summon a wall that can be used to block off the monster. It would look like the dome but in wall form. There can be up to 3 walls.
  1. A small loan of a million dollars or ASLOAMD- Its tracking device that tracks the monster when you throw it onto the monster like a sticky grenade leaving a trail of money to help with the tracking.
  1. Your fired or YF- Its his primary weapon that burns the monster for not too much damage, but has a great DOT effect.

  2. Dome nuff said.

#Do you want this in evolve?

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  • no
  • maybe

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This does not seem to be a real suggestion:

But I guess it can be moved here:

It’s only half a character so I wouldn’t think it fit in the “Fully Fledged Hunter Ideas” thread.



Nope its a real suggestion. I don’t think it would be an adaption.


I bumped it to off topic as it could never be put into the game.


Maybe april fools it can be added?


Trump would sue for a small amount of a billion dollars.


People own the rights to their “likeness” and can sue you for using it.


People will sue you for anything now a days.


Don’t they have those Energy Walls as a map effect in Evacuation? Plus Trupper (Trump+Trapper) could build the wall and make the Monsters pay for it!

[SPOILER] @skills4u2envy Trump can’t sue since he doesn’t own asshattery [/SPOILER]


I will deploy a great wall to keep the monsters out!


It’ll be YUGE!!!


You’re Fired:
Hey you, yeah you, Goliath. You. Are. Fired.

Last survivor:
This is terrible. A disaster. Just a disaster.