Hunter Strategy


Hi everyone, just watched the gameplay trailer for Evolve and am extremely interested in this game now. It just gave me tons of ideas while they were explaining the premise of the way the game will play. One example; in the beginning of the match the monsters job is to immediately gather and prepare and hide to become stronger while the hunters try to locate him. What if the hunters also had gathering and preparation to complete before confronting the monster (perhaps make forms of shelter necessary or upgrades/buffs crafted from various materials or defense/barrier/turret placements things of this type). Some type of time incentive may be needed for whichever team (I can’t playtest in my head that well :stuck_out_tongue: ) I DONT KNOW! really the point is I’m excited for this. Cool stuff Turtle Rock!


This sounds like an interesting idea, but making big enough barriers that’d be able to keep out a Goliath sounds very time consuming and difficult to do :tipping_hand_woman:


Hi Jonathan, while I’m in no means an official representative of TRS nor can I speak for them, I believe it’s very fair to say that this unfortunately will not happen.

Let me explain a bit. The game is to launch in Fall and by no means is there time to develop, QA test, and implement a crafting type system as indepth as this.

Furthermore are the abusive nature of such a system. Here’s a few examples:

  1. The game ends if all four Hunters are dead at the same time. If an important team member dies (such as the Medic or Support class) then the possibility for the remaining Hunters to run to and hide within Shelters while they await their remaining group mates to respawn are too great and will create unfair and even absurdly long gameplay.

  2. Hunters being able to create automated turrets or the like would also unbalance gameplay. The game is balanced as is with 4 hunters and 1 monster. Further weaponry additional to these characters would require further extensive balancing, development, and of course money.

  3. This system creates an opportunity for Hunters to not even hunt but rather wait around automated aid for the creature to attack them instead.

Overall, it’s a good idea, but you’re talking about an entirely different game.

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i like his idea so far they´ve only revealed 1 game mode so there is still some hope left


From what I have herd the hunters level up as well, both parties get XP from killing the local Fauna. Also I think the monster PC gets control 30 secs before the hunters. The turrets and cover type items would be interesting but I think they should be items for a different hunter(I heard they are working on extra hunters as well as main monsters but I could be wrong)

The turrets could be like the mini turrets from the Fire Fall bastion engineer frame, they would have minor armor and would cause a small amount of damage. They could be placed on any surface allowing the hunter to set up a parameter. Also the shelter’s should have health so a monster PC or a swarm of local fauna could break it down.

I don’t think it would unbalance game play they would just have to give the items to a support class. On the subject of hunters just being able to sit in a area and wait for the monster to come to them that would be a really bad idea. As a hunter your goal is to damage the monster as much as you can, and kill it the fastest way possible. If you waited around for the monster it could get stronger and stronger, to the point when it finally attacks it has full health and at its final stage witch for the Goliath is huge.


What he was referring to was the ability to craft shelters and turrets outside of the hunter skill levels. What you are referring to is actual hunter skills such as setting up a mini turret or something like that. Both contents are different.

A support hunter being able to utilize a mini turret skill the way they can use Mobile Arenas and such is fine, I can even see TRS already planning something like that.


Which is why I said I thought the idea was interesting but should only be included as a ability for a Hunter. Like you said before if it was something every hunter used it would mess up the balancing, also I agree I don’t doubt that they are thinking of a hunter with mini turrets. It would be like the part in Congo when they set up the parameter with the mini turrets.

I don’t know how hunters upgrade but it would be cool if you could upgrade the mini turrets. For example changing the ammo to air burst or soft tip shells, and being able to camouflage the turret to make it easier to lure the monster into a trap or upgrade them with flashlights for dark areas.


I was definitely thinking that shelter building would be the specialty one or possibly all classes and the turret building to belong to one specific class, but again it’s impossible to say because we obviously only have the means to speculate what types of ideas may be interesting or fun. I have a gut feeling that says this game is going to be unique and fun, I’m really looking forward to it.