Hunter stories


Are we ever going to get any more hunter background stories? I thought I heard before the T4 came out, that all of them were going to get a back story. Of course that could have just been a rumor, but I still check almost every day lol to see if there’s anything new. @Matthew, can you confirm or deny that you have plans to write more?


There were only 7 stories written as background story.


Ah. Damn. I really liked the ones that are out. I was hoping for more


I’m working on more, I was on vacation. :smiley:



That’s the best news I’ve heard in a while lol. I’m not trying to rush you, I was just wondering if I should keep looking or not. Can’t wait for the new installments!! I know I speak for a lot of us when I say that your writing is phenomenal.


YES! Oh, Hunter stories, how I have missed you. Please let one of them belong to Slim! We’re already starved for Mutagen War stuff…


Can you, well you know…give a little insight


Happy you’re back to work on the stories excited to read them.