Hunter squad (Xbox One)


Hi guys!
Ive noticed that not a lot of people on Evolve have mics and personally to me this is a HUGE issue and probably one of the biggest in the game since it is meant to be a game where you have to work together with your team to win.
I’m looking for a team I can regularly play with and obviously the team needs to have headsets or skype, something along those lines
I’m not really into the competitive side of evolve I play it mostly for fun, I can play any of the hunters and I’m trash at monster XD

If you’re interested just reply!


You might want to change your category from #hunters to #community-content:looking-for-group or #community-content:looking-for-member Since this category is more for discussion of the hunters, while those two are for loloking for other players


Okay thanks dude :slight_smile:


Hey man! GT is zqap. Pref role is assault. Im also quite new to the game as well! Hmu with an add and we’ll rip evolve together :slight_smile: