Hunter Speed Bug



I know, the title is a little bit clickbait, but this bug is really dangerous for the monster and this needs a fix.


  • one or more bots in the hunter’s party (quitter or not is not important)

How to activate the bug:

  • switch one or two times character while trapper’s scan is activated, so you have around 4 seconds to do this

What will happen:

Why this is so dangerous for the monster?
A single hunter can defeat the monster because he can use an “hit&run” tactic. So, the monster can’t destroy the relay because the super-hunter shoot him and, if he whant to kill the super-hunter, he can’t because the super-hunter is too fast. At the end the monster lose for the timer.

Thanks for the attention and tell me if I made some grammar errors.


I think this is an exploit and should be hidden.
@TheMountainThatRoars @Hillbilly_Deathlord @Jedi_Warrior


Are you on the new update 2.08 or still in 2.07.1?



:scream: This should have been fixed in today’s patch! Did you patch up the game since 10AM this morning?


Oh… there is a new update? Sorry.


Don’t be sorry, please keep posting problems you find! :smiley:


15 minuts ago I’m returned in my home and I write this post, that’s why I have not updated the game. So, this bug is fixed. Nice.
Sorry again.



I was about to post this myself. I’ve been in two games, one co-op and one vs. monster where I received this bug. The first game I joined while it was in progress, the second someone left while loading and I switched to trapper. I got super speed. The first time in the co-op I just kept playing because I was like wtf is going on. The second game against an actual player I informed the monster and we restarted the game, but even in the restart I got super speed when I switched to play the bot, if I switched back it would go away, but then my main character got it. Anyway I let everyone know and didn’t just kept switching until it went away, or used another character so we didn’t exploit the exploit. This should be fixed soon, I don’t even know how it’s possible, but others won’t be as kind to the monster and will use this against them which would be very annoying.


Don’t worry dude, I have made this topic when this bug was fixed about 4 hours ago.

See the patch notes (patch 2.08 --> The Paladin Armor - Update 2.08 - LIVE NOW!).