Hunter Slaughterfest


Wanna sub to my channel? Just click on the yin yang symbol and click the link. Happy Hunting my fellow monsters :monster:


Might I suggest keeping all of your videos in one thread? Keeps them all in one place so it is easier for people to keep track of and makes the forum a little tidier. :smile:

Love your challenge videos btw.


Thank you! But how do I do that? Do I just reply to myself? I’ll make sure to make a beast series thread and a regular gameplay thread :slight_smile:


You could ask a mod or leader to converge the threads with single videos? It was more of a suggestion for videos you post in the future.
That’s a good idea about separate threads for ‘beast series’ and ‘regular gameplay’.
Keep up the good work. :smile:


I definitely will :slight_smile:


I can do it. >.>


Coolio :smiley:


…What was it you wanted me to do? Tell me which threads to merge into which.


Eh let me remake them and then we could do it :slight_smile:


You like to say hello. ^.^


So do you. Except you manage to make it terrifying.


I do?

Sorry I guess. O.o


You literally told me you wanted to kidnap me. That’s pretty scary, my friend.


Well, I didn’t want to scare you. ^.^


You didn’t.