Hunter skins


I thought the whole idea to get skins… was to show other people about your achivement ?
if not, why even have other skins.

just bought torvald and got his elite skin unlocked.
from black/ grey weapons, to dark blue / grey weapons ???
Its hardly any difference at all.

IS it so damn hard to change the looks on the hunters overall ?? no ??? then why not do it.
If you say: yes its hard to change, then you lie.

I dont ask for an open color mode (wich some games have, where you can custom any color on any gear part).
I simply ask for a unicue look on the elite skins, and the skins overall. to actually make them look apart.

Like torvald. his mortar is still unchanged… his “mech parts” are still unchanged.
still black + red. a simple way to change it, whould be to just change the red color, to bright blue.
indicating that he have actualy gone from noob to veteran.

Veteran skins, and skins overall… are done WAAY to cheap. for a game this expensive.
so iam not surpriced this game lose gamers.

i mean. players buy the game expensively. they have to buy new monsters and hunters, also expensively.
And when they play the game, to get achivement, a logical way, whould be to let the gamer feel important.

instead now, when i unlock a elite skin, some more complex than others…
is a total let down.


There have been lots of threads on this. While i agree i would like the whole model to get a color change for skins (not just the guns) the developers said multiple times they will always prioritize making new hunters instead of redesigning skins.
Sadly Hunters will only get gun skins.


If the dev team have said what you just said.

Then they are simply stupid.

If i were the Boss of that team, i whould force everyone to go play League of Legends.
and look at their champion / skin system.

The LOL game have become that insanely popular, because its free. so anyone can download and play.
ALSO. everyone have access to ALOT of skins. where even the simple skins are mostly a total remake of the champions look, and where the Epic skins is a complete remake, with new voice, graphics, and more.
And, they also let you be able to unlock new champions by simply playing alot.
If a player want to, they never actualy have to pay a single cent. and still be able to compete in the top of the rankings in LoL…

Evolve have a great potential. since its kinda the first real Multiplayer system where you can play as the boss monster.

my kids love this game, and to play the monster, running around eating and hunting.

so its kinda sad to see this game fail so hard as it does right now.

The skin system, wich is sooo easy to fix. is a total beheading of this game for me.


LoL is a very different game.
This game has way better graphics which in itself is going to take more time and more effort than a lol reskin.
their team is way smaller than lols
lol has been around for much longer hence all the skins in their collection
they push out more skins because thats the only way they make money
I don’t think TRS is making a stupid descision with not prioritizing skins, they simply can apare the manpower with so many other pressing concerns.


It looks liek they’ve said something since i last read about it.

still no definitive answer but they do seem to be looking into it in the furture. probably won’t see anything until people calm down about T4


I have been playing LOL a few years myself, so i know its a very different game.

I also know that Epic skins took a few year before the first came.

how ever.
Iam not asking for Epic skin.

I simply ask for a complete COLOR change on the full character.
And thats not hard or very time consuming to do.

Like for torvald. change his black mech color to gold or silver, and the red lamps he have all over, simply change to bright blue.
shouldnt take long at all to do this simply recolor.
how ever, it whould make a HELL of a change for the skins, and make them more special.
since thats what skins are about.

the same recolor should be on all hunters. and not just change color on weapons. thats bullshit.
Like hyde, is still in the same armor color (have him elited also).
it was also a TOTAL let down.

RE-COLOR. the whole hunter. simple fix, and gives a hell of a better response.


They’ve stated once or twice that the amount of work needed to make a full-body skin for a Hunter is the same amount of work required to create the model for an entirely new Hunter, or something along those lines.

Really? How are you so sure of this?


changing 3D-model, yes, it can take some time, depending how much you change.

Changing color is just a color skin sheet. so its easy. doesnt take much time at all.

and changing colors on the hunter aswell, and not just the weapons, whould go a long way.