Hunter Skins: Very unsatisfied


Looking at the hunter skins, elite and exterminator, the skins are overall very unsatisfying. The only real change comes from Daisy, who gets a whole recoloring. The Elite skins are supposed to be elite, it’s suppose to tell players “Hey, Look what I accomplished!” A small crown next to the player’s name and a new color on weapons that are VERY hard to see from other player’s perspectives is something that I don’t feel proud of unlocking. Let’s look at the normal hunter skin.

Now, the elite skin. It’s just the weapon. Yup, that’s it. Just the weapon sets get recolored.

Here’s Maggie’s exterminator skin. See how different Daisy looks?

Now, let’s look at goliath.

And his elite skin (Sorry for the quality, best I could find)

It seems like the monsters get more attention when it comes to skins, and will in the future. As a hunter player, I am sad to say I will NOT be buying any hunter skins until things change for the better.


There is some truth to what you’re saying and I did earn the Caira Elite Skin myself and upon seeing it. I was a little disappointed that it was going to be reset and taken away, but the effort wasn’t well spent. I was so close to finishing it though that I just did it anyways. I’ve seen that they plan to have more and different skins in the game, as to how true this is, who knows I don’t work at TRS. Let’s just hope that the effort and grinding they make you go through will be worth it when you’re showing it off.


@DamJess has already confirmed that skins for hunters will be Weapon-only. Which is really displeasing to a hunter player.


I got the Lazarus Elite Skin and was highly unimpressed with it.

Had more than a handful of conversations where people were like “What’s that red icon by your name?” And I’d say “I got it when I unlocked the Lazarus Elite Skin”. Then they’d come back “Oh cool, let me take a look at you in game.”

Only to look me over for 30s and go “What the hell is different?”

It’s simply too similar to the base design to stand out. I don’t recommend anything that would change his silhouette, but he needs something that stands out.


Well you know I guess you’ll just be all standing around, checking out each others guns when the game starts. I guess the plus side is that new players will now have more time to learn the monster because you’ll all be busy checking out your guns.


That’s a little depressing. I want to see the hunters get some badass new looks!

I mean, unless the weapons get some new particle effects and maybe additional cinematics then I’m all for it!


Admiration comes from the action, and while in the dropship, you get plenty of time to awe at the skins. Skins shouldn’t be distracting to players who want to play and win, look at League of Legends players that have unique skins for every champion. It looks nice, but doesn’t effect the enemy or ally’s gameplay because they look different.


Snarky, piss-ant sarcasm aside, the skin fails to do it’s job. It needs to be distinctively unique from the base skin.


Well, they listened when it came to the Monster Elite skins, so who knows, this might change too. I don’t often like comparing one game to another since it is hardly so simple, but when you hit level 25 with a character class in Nosgoth you get an “evolved” vampire skin that looks heavily changed and very, very cool (do a Google search!). You could also buy this skin for more than the average skin price if you wanted it without having to work so hard. I felt that was a really good system.

I understand that they don’t want to change the silhouette or color scheme which is definitely limiting on design choices, but… here is to hoping they can figure something out.


I guess I’m a renegade because I never look around at the other hunters in the drop ship, but always down as we drop in. I do see the backs of the other hunters though, given which hunter you actually play. I also don’t take the time to look at the other hunters when we are on the ground. I usually play with my friend and as soon as we hit the ground, we’re off doing what we do, hunting.


That would be the better choice to make not just only the gun, but to be an actual whole attire since you take the time to meet the requirements only to have your gun a different color feels unrewarding indeed.


The Elite skins have been reworked for the shipping game, but they are still weapon oriented.


Yea I totally get that part, not messing with the design and color scheme but if you worked with particle and cinematic effects you can do A LOT!

This steam workshop mod for Natural Selection 2 I helped make (The Red Eclipse one). I mostly specialized on changed the color scheme of the cinematics and particles. You can make them look soooo badass! Markov mines exploding in a violent flame, give them a different dynamic color for their radius. Cairas grenades explosions… Oh my god… The DOME ITSELF! Make it look amazing but not distracting in a sense!

(Sadly, that NS2 mod is now discontinued… Original owner had given up on it since an update made uploading more complex. I had a lot of fun while it lasted however c:)


That’s the thing, though. Just a weapon pallet change isn’t something hunters are satisfied with. If you could give some detail on what was changed, I’d be glad to know.


Lazarus’ Glove is large enough that if you swapped the color palette (largely use “Medic Blue”?) it would be noticeable, but I agree that if the changes are done to the weapons alone, it may be very difficult to notice.


We’re figuring out how to make them look cooler. :wink: We are getting more aggressive, making them louder.

When people say “skins” for the characters, what they really want is for Markov to have a new outfit. I agree that would be cool but unfortunately we can’t do that for 12 Hunters. It’s just too much time/work. They are first person characters anyway. The weapons are the things that are in your face all round so if we can make them look super awesome, we think that’d be pretty significant.

DLC skins are boring. Lack of hunter costumes is a deal-breaker

Thank you guys for continuing to listen to the community. I’m eager to see what kind of changes are made :slight_smile:


Would be cool if all elite weapons shot tracer rounds. The elite monster skins make them more visible so it would be cool to get that same effect from the hunters.
A 4-man team with elite guns shooting tracer rounds would be exciting.

[quote=“MacMan, post:16, topic:29212”]
making them louder
[/quote] This is great!


To clarify, I meant visually louder, not audio.


The elite skins for hunters are, I’ll admit, underwhelming from what I’ve seen via screenshots. They’re not the greatest things in the world and they definitely don’t make ya stand out.

But ya know, they COULD have not given us anything at all when meeting all the requirements for elite status. They COULD have even made it where you didn’t get those little boosts to your abilities and weapons and just let ya be with a crown. Heaven forbid, 2K COULD have had them lined up those skins as future DLC (silly to hear, but wouldn’t put it pass them).

Yes, a custom skin/model for your veteran hunter would be a fantastic edition once you’ve grinding your way to elite status. But at the end of the day, skins will simply be overlooked after a player has seen it and the “OoOOoh-AAAaaAahhh” feeling has worn off. This is going to be corny as hell; but I feel as though the crown itself will gain you much respect for mastering that character, and that alone makes it worth it.