Hunter "Skins" - No One Buys New Clothes to Stare at Themselves in the Mirror


So far, every monster challenge has been met, I have no doubt the next monster challenge will be met again and the reason is simple: The skins change the way the monster looks. There are plenty of topics on the underwhelming nature of hunter weapon skins already, so I don’t mean to get back into that debate. I just read a post in the Parnell challenge from your data guy who showed lower than expected participation. I think that low participation is due to low incentive.

As a hunter, you barely notice how your weapon looks. No one cares if they shoot with a blue gun or a red gun, it just isn’t unique enough. As a monster, you see the difference, EVERYONE sees the difference. And isn’t that the point of a new skin, To show it off to everyone? No one buys new clothes to stare at themselves in the mirror.

My two cents.


Personally, I don’t care if anyone else likes the skin I have as Hunters or the Monster. I purchased them for myself.

Granted, I own all the monster skins, and only a few hunter skins. But that’s because I prefer to play as the monster.


I’m more so referring to the incentive of challenge skins where the community as a whole has yet to accomplish the higher tier goals. Particularly, the data displayed showed that Parnell’s usage did not increase as expected (and witnessed in other challenges). This could be a result of people not wanting to play parnell, or it could be indicative of low incentive.

Purchased skins require no incentive as you wouldn’t buy them if you didn’t like them.


Well, idk about you, but I worked for my Elite Behemoth so I could strut it and show off.


This is indeed why very few people are interested in Hunter skins.

The theory that TRS cites is that changing the colors of the Hunter outfits would confuse new players, but there’s a myriad of games out there that prove this does not happen if a common identifier remains the same (such as nameplate coloring). Some of these games, such as League of Legends, have even run studies on it to decide how much of a champion should change with a skin. The studies are conclusive – as long as the nameplate, icon, outline, or common animations remain the same (whatever the opponent uses as visual cues), the ingame character can look any amount of strange and players do not get confused.

Obligatory I want flames on my medics so they can run faster statement.


I want different outfits for the hunters. I hate that they are even called skins since they are technically weapon camos.

When I first heard that this game would have Skins I assumed we would be getting at the very minimum color pallet switches like Val in purple or Hank in blue.

As long as the names are in the same color outline and the physical outlines don’t move I can’t see why they can’t do color changes.


Honestly to all Monster Players all Hunters look like little people and could be just black orbs because when I’m attacking someone I’m staring at their Health and Name… not their pants.


But I love staring at my sword hyde skins. Damn sexy it is.


Personally, I couldn’t disagree more with what you’re saying. I rock the skins I like because I CAN see them. Anyone who wears them for other people are just kidding themselves because most people do not notice or care what you look like. Also, literally every other game I have played with full body skins there are always a bunch of people saying things like, “I can’t see them because it’s FPS. So, what’s the point?” Granted, I don’t agree, but I can see where they’re coming from. TRS has actually fixed this problem.

Furthermore, I totally buy clothes to look at myself in the mirror and rock clothes that I like. I’m not seeking the attention of others and couldn’t care less what they think. Honestly, who doesn’t buy clothes for themselves? That just seems ridiculous. This also speaks to my character in game. In something like Borderlands or Destiny, even though I can’t see my character, for the most part, I’m constantly opening my menu or forcing third person to check my character out. Vanity? Oh, yeah.

Another thing you mention is that we’ve hit all the monster goals and not hunter. Um, these are not comparable in any way. Let’s review:

Gold skins-literally play a match
Voodoo Goliath-throw a million rocks with no stretch goal
Voodoo Wraith-beat Hyde by at least one game with no stretch goal

Trapper Predator-win with Griffin (don’t remember the number)
Bucket and Support Predator-200 million damage with turrets for Bucket and 350 million for all support
Hyde Predator-beat Wraith by at least one match with no stretch goal
Parnell and Assault Predator-two million headshots for Parnell and 2.8 million for all assault

*note: Some of my numbers may be wrong. Feel free to correct me.

So, first of all there have been no monster stretch goals. Second, our resident data analyst admitted he may have set the Bucket stretch goal too high and Xbox live was not working for some people, the launch announcement was delayed on TRS’ end and we STILL almost made it. Third, with Hyde and Wraith, it was anyone’s game, someone had to lose and it was like 54%. Hardly a crushing defeat and some would argue Hyde was at a disadvantage. Fourth, in the case of Parnell, we likely had low participation due to him not being very popular, but nobody really knows and here again, we STILL almost made it.

In short, your opinion is yours to have, but your logic is flawed and using absolutes like “no one” is just close minded.


Agreed 100%.


I’ll admit the post used absolute language but I realize it’s my opinion. Please don’t get caught up in the language of the argument and overlook the argument itself.

My hypothesis is that there is a greater incentive to work toward monster goals. I didn’t present that as an absolute. “I think that low participation is due to low incentive”

I know I’m not alone in the desire for different character skins as opposed to weapon skins. My point is simply that character skins would be a bigger draw than weapon skins.

Edit: Of course the main reason isn’t for others, I rarely wear my elite monster skins because they stick out on most boards. But I’ll wear voodoo because they look better to me. But I have always appreciated showing off something rare/unique when customization is offered in videogames


Yeah, I understand where you’re coming from. I just don’t feel like there’s any evidence to support the claim that if the hunters had full skins, participation in community events would be higher. That was your thesis, in my eyes.

At any rate, I don’t think I’d like full body skins for the hunters. At least not as they are now. For example, I really like the phoenix skins, but do I want that head to toe on my hunter?God no. The skins would have to be totally overhauled, in my opinion.


Your topic specifically refers to purchasing, so that’s why I went down that avenue. If I played as the hunters more often, I’d likely buy more hunter skins.


No, I have a compulsion to collect. I worked for the elite skins just to make sure I had them. :slight_smile:


It would be nice if there where separate weapon and char skins. As ye a full body phoenix skin would be awful but full body predator style camo skins yes please.

I got my elite monster skins as they looked awesome never used them as well you know black maps with black sky and a white monster GG. Anyway back to point the stranded goal could be the weapon skin with the stretch being full bod skins? makes it more incentivized


I think the same about it. Skins are there to show off, atleast I thought I read something about it in a loading screen. The only Hunter you can show off a skin is Maggie because of Daisy


+1 op

I dont care for weapon skins, because other players dont notice them

clothes skins would encourage player much more to buy them or participate in events


Sure… I would be in for full out character skins for the hunters… However… I have nothing against the current weapon skins… I think some of them are pretty rad.


Phoenix head to toe…???

Your freaking damn right I have want to look like EDM Lazarus

I own it and its awesome… Now I wish everybody could see a burning pheonix on my back as a revive so they know I am awesome… If you didn’t like the design scheme… Then don’t buy… Just like monster skins

Its just unfair that their is no option… Cause high level monsters and players rely on outlines and the color of nametags much more than clothes colors


If Daisy can get a skin color change, why can’t the rest of the hunters