Hunter skill gap


It really feels like the skill gap for hunters doesn’t exist. Put a few hours into the game and get a bit of understanding and you can hang with any experienced monster player.

That passive health regen effect, plus the perk, plus the medic outputting ridiculous amounts of healing makes it nearly impossible to get downs.

I get it, we want MORE players. But at the cost of frustrating the monster players that are founders. I liked seeing a lot of debuffs incoming for hunters. But I do not think it’s enough. I’ve been unleashing some nasty combos today and just watching the medic heal through it all.

I do not like losing, but I can suck it up if it’s good skilled hunters. It’s a game well played. But I’m getting pretty pissed at mediocre hunters being able to hang.


I play almost only Goliath and I have a 100% win rate, at least for now, no loses so far! I played against some well known names here in the forum.

Of course its hard sometimes but if you dont lose your target and hit everything its almost a garantee that you can get someone down.

Often I have to play against a Sunny as Goliath and its a pain but, if you try harder you will win. You just have to know what you are doing.


Maybe for you, but when you compare the plenty of players that strongly believe Wraith is completely overpowered, and the players that think she is manageable, a line can be drawn.


i think the problem might be that i main wraith. she’s so god damn squishy and i’m pretty sure she’s gonna get nerfed because casuals struggle. meanwhile experienced hunters CRUSH wraith.


i disagree, experienced hunters vs wraith have a huge upper hand against her. she just does not do enough burst damage for as much as hunters heal now. warp blast + abduction doesn’t do what it did. meanwhile hunters damage the hell out of wraith while it’s hard focusing a specific hunter.


There seems to be some contradictions here - first it was no skill gap, then it went to mediocre hunters, and now you’re talking about experienced players.

That aside, speaking of skill gaps, I think hunters actually have a larger skill gap. Aside from learning each role, they have to learn the intricacies of their chosen character within that role, on top of learning how to function as a team, and how each player on the squad functions within the team. I think you may be precluding the possibility that the hunters you are going up against are actually more skilled than you give credit for.


okay… you’re proving my point. you think Wraith is maneagable, even weak, while other hunters think she is unbeatable.

Clearly there is a gap.


and who is it that thinks wraith is unbeatable? how much play time do these people stating wraith is op have? no point was proven. :stuck_out_tongue:

my statement is one coming from way too much play time, with 90% of it being monster experience.

to prove my point. my son, (whom is not experienced, but i’ve been teaching the meta to) was able to take a team and walk them through beating me last night. all they did was stay in LOS the entire time and do huge burst damage while i was hard focusing. and of course while i’m hard focusing. every little bit of damage is being healed right up. and… game ends in my death.


As a monster player (player level 28 for context) I’ve been playing with all the monsters except Kraken, Kelder and Bob, and my total results are 4 losses to 98 wins, frankly I feel bad about pubstomping and I’m trying to give them a chance (except the git vets who pick Sunny Rogue Val or Extramuralised Lazarus, I eats them). I try to down one hunter per dome and let health loss or time drop it the rest of the way; I scare a lot of birds to let them know where I’m going; I fight in bad spots etc.

I’m not even close to a world-class monster, and I can tell you the skill gap is VERY noticeable. Compare a veteran Val Hank pair to two new players who’ve hit 25ish by now, the newbies are getting much better at using their skills properly and dodging what they need to but the vets still make them look like they’re AFK.

I have the same problem with Stage 2 that I’ve had for a long time with Evolve, I still think it’s too bursty. It can be AMAZINGLY frustrating getting a hunter to a tiny fraction of health only to see them suddenly shield bursted. Then Heal bursted. Then jetpack away. Then getting F***ING HARPOONED. I’m of the opinion that damage and healing / shielding should be lower across the board to the stage that hunter health bars become a lot more like the monster health bar - if the monster player is consistently landing their abilities and hits it shouldn’t plummet like a stone but it should be going down faster than your medic can keep it up and it should stay down for long enough that you can’t just get burst healed back to full in the space of one trip up and down a cliff. That way it becomes all about teams having to consistently outplay each other, rather than A) a hunter getting caught with a Wraith combo and dying straight up or B) a hunter kiting around a rock for a couple of seconds and regaining half their health.



I disagree. There’s a MASSIVE skill gap right now. I also have a 100% monster win rate, but I can easily feel the difference between experienced and new players.


So your problem with Evolve, is that when you put your full effort to killing one hunter, and then their teammates bail them out and save them from you, albeit healing and sheilding or JPB, its not fun for you anymore?
Because thats how im reading it.
And if that is the case…then i suggest you practice more, or become a gracious loser…
Please…clarify if im getting the wrong impression.


Obviously the OP(original poster) just needs more practice. Your holding your own opinion of who or what is good, over the opinions of numerous others.
Get some more practice in friend.
Practice makes perfect.


Try comboing your skills so they land in succession. If you land a good combo you will outdamage any medic.


My issue is that the game has always felt too bursty for my liking and it swings one way or another on a dime. I played a game earlier against vet Rogue Val Sunny Crow which is an unpleasant combo and I was wary as hell until their Crow overextended into the distillery cave and I got a free kill within around 5 seconds which immediately won me the fight and the game, likewise I’ve had moments where a shield burst turned a decent health trade for a strike on a high priority target into a complete waste of health bar.

I think making progress against the other team should be smoother than it is now, rather than the cooldown of one ability at one point of one fight dictating which side wins.


it never was “no skill gap”. i think there’s a misunderstanding. the skill gap for good hunters has decreased. meaning it’s easy to become a decent hunter.

the changes with stage 2 have made skilled hunters incredible against monsters. it sucks bootyhole. you’re running for your life because they all no to cut off, the all know to kite, they all know how to properly punish. and if they make a mistake? no worries! they’ve got a passive health regen and ridiculous healing from medics.

still love evolve, but i shelfed it for months on end a few times during balancing. i might have to do it again. it’s a shame cause stage 2 is sexy.


i know of combo’s sir. original evolve, combo’s worked well. stage 2, a kiting hunter team has no problem with combo’s. also, it was already said that i’ve literally been outhealed by the medic repeatedly during combos.


What monster what combos


Now I’m really confused with the contradictions.


How about we get rid of monster armor channeling and auto hunter regen. Game was better off without either.


The health regen is so minor it’s negligible. That 20 health per second of of like 800 ish is simply going to keep you topped off when chasing the monster if you get hurt by various wildlife. Armor channeling on the other hand is completely the hunter’s fault for letting the monster channel and get his armor. The most a monster should be able to channel is the first 10 secs or so of a dome when the hunters arent in position yet, and at worst he has full armor like he would if he were to choose to fight. If the monster is able to armor channel after disengaging from a fight, then at that point that’s the hunter’s fault for failure to follow up. Bother are in perfect positions right now.