Hunter side of evolve is starting to die we need this update soon


Evolve is by far my favorite game. However, all this update hype has totally killed the game. I’m a silver expert monster on Xbox one. I just waited 45 minutes twice to find games. The games I found were against pub squads of DRs and elites, which are well below my skill level. During this time, I got dodged several times by hunters about my skill level. I’m not like a FT3 wraith or something I just happen to be silver expert. Pre patch I would wait at most 10 min before finding a game. Now the first group usually takes 20 min to find and I usually get dodged. The patch shifted the balance but anyone who says its monster favored hasn’t played it for very long. Krakens are unfair and nobody seems to think gorgon is fair but goliath and wraith have pretty much the same effect against good teams. I think nobody is playing because this promise of a different game dissuades people from playing this version. Sure Overwatch and Doom are fun but if we weren’t anticipating changes we’d be trying to adjust instead of wait for the game to adjust. I love Evolve but I (hypocritically) might just wait until the update to play because it’s so ridiculous playing online. I’m sure TRS is moving as fast as it can but the update needs to be soon or people are gonna start to move on from Evolve.


When I play as a hunter I find monsters super quick. Our problem is we have way too many monster players. Some of those people need to come together to form hunter teams and it will be faster for everyone, even with the poor numbers.


I gave up playing monster a long long time ago I can never find games unless I wait 30 minutes takes about 2 minutes to find a hunter game though, my plan is to just de rank like mad as monster so I can finally be them more often.


I think that everyone also happens to be trickling from hunt into quickplay.


Customs baby all day long :wink:


Liiiittttle bit too late.



The update is coming soon, it can’t go any faster than it is :slight_smile: