Hunter’s Guide to the Evolve Forum (Profile)



Your profile is a log of all the things you have done on the forum.

Next to your profile picture, you can write a message for anyone visiting your profile, whether that’s something about you, a link to your social media or online IDs. Remember to keep it appropriate to an online forum!
Below this is a bar of information, telling you when the user joined, when they last made a post, the last time they were online, how many people have visited their profile and what their trust level is.

By hovering your cursor over the first three options, a time stamp will be displayed, giving more detailed information.

Beneath your profile are the activity, notifications, invites, badges and summary settings.


Shows a history of your posts.

On the left of your profile, information is displayed relating to your statistics of forum actions:

From top to bottom:

  • All is a collective count of everything you have done on the forum. It is broken at the moment and does not display the correct values.
  • Topics is a count of how many topics you have created.
  • Replies is a count of how many posts you made.
  • Likes Given is a count of how many topics and posts you have liked.
  • Bookmarks is a list of posts you want to keep track of

Clicking on any of these options will display the relevant content in the box in the middle of your profile.


Notifications will allow you to see your responses, your likes received, anybody who has mentioned you and any edits you have made.


Invite allows you to send an invite someone else to visit this page.


Badges are awarded for meeting certain criteria on the Forum. Every time you go up a user level, you receive a badge. If you receive a lot of likes on a topic, you will receive a badge

The full list of badges can be found here:


Also whilst viewing your own profile, a count of your messages, how many of which you sent yourself, and how many are unread, can be viewed. The option to download your posts appears below this.

When viewing someone elses profile, to the right of the screen you will see the “Message” option. This allows you to quickly type up a private message directly from their page.

Message is only available whilst viewing another’s profile.


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