Hunter’s Guide to the Evolve Forum (Preferences)



Your preferences are an important page that allow you to alter your forum information and change your personal forum settings.

Many of them are not mandatory to alter.

From top to bottom:

  • Your username, and how people will tag you. If you wish to change your username, please contact a moderator.
  • Your name that will appear on your profile. You may choose whatever you feel comfortable with.
  • Your title. If you have a title (Regular, Leader, Moderator), you may equip it here by pressing the pencil icon.
  • Your email which you signed up to the forum with. It cannot be seen by the public.
  • Send a email containing a password reset to the aforementioned email.
  • Change your profile picture.
  • Change your profile background.

  • Add in or edit a user card background.
  • Write a bio for your profile, mentioned previously.
  • Set your location.
  • Add in your website.
  • Set your user card badge.

  • Change your email settings relative to forum events and actions.
  • Change topic and personal forum settings

  • Change notification settings for topic categories, whether you want to watch, track or mute them. Enter the desired category.
  • Lastly, enter the names of users you wish to mute .

When you’ve finished, press ‘Save Changes’ and you’re done!


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