Hunter’s Guide to the Evolve Forum (Navigation)


General Navigation and Browsing

When you enter the forum you’ll be greeted by a sight such as this:

As seen from the bar headlining the threads, the icons and numbers opposite the title of a thread will give you the information as follows:

  • Categories are used to group together threads of a certain topic, such as threads about Monsters or Bugs.
  • Users show who’s posting in that thread. The first icon is always the OP(creator) of that thread.
    The last icon (highlighted with a yellow ring) is always the most recent poster.
  • Replies shows how many posts have been made after the initial post by the OP.
  • Views show how many people have entered the thread.
  • Activity shows the time or date since a post was last made in that thread.

Icons on the left of threads, let you know whether they are locked, pinned or you have bookmarked a post in them.

The bar at the top of the forum homepage allows you to view threads based on their category, how new they are, or if they’ve been unread. Clicking ‘Top’ will allow to to view threads based one when they were created:

It also features the Dev Tracker, which displays to you the posts of all devs, going back to last year.



Upon entering a thread, you’ll see the initial post made by the OP. For example:

The title of the thread is given at the top, as well as it’s category and whether it’s been pinned or not. In the post, you’ll see when the thread was created and how many individual times it’s been edited since it’s creation, in this case 83 times since Sept '14:

Any time a link has been made to the thread from another, the name of those threads are given too, and how many times they’ve been individually used:

Reply as linked Topic allows you to continue on the discussion into another thread if you so wish.

This can also be done with individual posts.

At the bottom of the first post by the OP, useful information and statistics are given:

In all threads, there will be a scrollbar that shows you how many posts are in the thread and their numbers.

Dragging the bar will let you navigate all the posts in the thread.

On all posts, these options will appear:

The heart icon allows you to like the post.

The chain icon allows you to share a link to the post.

The flag icon allows you to alert moderators to an inappropriate post.

Clicking on the dots icon allow you to see more options depending on your trust level. Normal users can bookmark the post from this option.

The reply button allows you to make a direct response the post. A notification is sent to the person you have replied to.

When a post has been made, the name and icon of the poster is included in the post.
If the user has a title (Regular, Leader, Moderator) this will also be shown.

At the very bottom of a thread, below the most recent post, more useful information is given:

This bar allows you make an action that will apply to the whole of thread, such as inviting another user to thread, bookmarking the whole thread etc.

This bar allows you to change your personal setting for a pinned topic.

This bar changes your notification settings for a thread. If the thread is unentered, ‘New’ will appear to the title of the thread and no post count will appear.
If two number icons appear next to a title, it tells you how many unread posts have been made since you last entered.

This bar simply suggests other topics for you to read and how many topics are unread.


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