Hunter’s Guide to the Evolve Forum (Forum Lingo)


Forum Lingo

Here is a list of words or phrases your may see other users post. Some are native to our forum, others are not.

10char - The forum has a 10 character minimum for posts. People type “10 char” to fulfill that limit when responding with less than 10 characters.

UP/OP - Underpowered/Overpowered, used to describe the power and usefulness of a character or feature. E.g ‘X is so OP, their X is too strong!’

Bob - Another name used to reference the fourth Monster, Behemoth.

Gordon - Another name used to reference the fifth Monster, Gorgon. This is the official word used internally by TRS.

Meaty/Meaty G - Another name used to reference the Goliath variant, Meteor Goliath

Mad Mags - Another name used to reference the Maggie variant, Wasteland Maggie

TL;DR - Too long; didn’t read. If someone makes a lengthy post, they can put ‘tl;dr’ at the top or bottom, followed by a few sentences summarising key points.

OP(in relation to a user) - Original Poster, a word that references the creator of a thread.

Juke - Used to describe an action that tricks or avoids something. E.g As Monster, I juked the Hunters by sneaking past them.

RNG - Random Number Generator.

Salty - Another word for butthurt. Tears are salty. You cry when you lose.

Buff - To increase in power or ability

Nerf - To decrease in power or ability

CC - Crowd Control, used often when describing the Trapper’s tools, or a Monster’s ability, such as Behemoth’s Lava Bombs

Dome Holding - The act of withholding the Mobile Arena until the Monster is Stage 2

Reverse Dome - The act of throwing the Mobile Arena and jet packing boosting out of it, leaving the Monster trapped inside.

God Dome - A strategically thrown dome that gives the Hunters the benefit of being able to enter areas the Monster can not, such as the Power Relay.

Hanked - Being blown away from your desired target or goal by an Orbital Barrage, a tool owned by the character Hank. E.g ‘I was going to throw the dome on the Monster, but then I got Hanked!’

Ninja’d - The term used when one has narrowly been beaten to a reply or action by another user, implying it was fast and unseen.
E.g ‘I was about to answer Ben’s question, but I got ninja’d by Robert!’

Necro - In relation to a thread, the Greek prefix meaning death, used to describe the act of posting in a thread that has been inactive (dead) for a while.
E.g 'Gabe just necro’d a thread from nine months ago!’

‘Git Gud’- Banned on this forum; an intentional misspelling of the phrase “get good,” is an expression used to heckle inexperienced players, or more commonly used as an unconstructive and childish response to woes felt on the forum towards issues around the game.
E.g ‘Jeremy made a topic about his concerns with Slim, and was expecting a constructive discussion, but was instead greeted by a lazy ‘git gud’ post.’

Shipping - Banned on this forum; a term used to describe fan fictions that take previously created characters and put them as a pair. It usually refers to romantic relationships.

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