Hunter’s Guide to the Evolve Forum (Flagging)


If you wish to flag a post, these options will appear:

If you consider the post to fit within any of these descriptions, whether the post is purposefully trying to derail a topic, is inappropriate, or is a spam account posting advertisements or potentially harmful links. You also have the option to message the user privately about the post.

This does not count as a flag and will not alert moderators.

Choose ‘Something Else’ if it does not fit any of these descriptions.

This is how the “Something Else” flag appears to Moderators:

Choosing this option will not add to the user’s ‘flag’ count, and will alert moderators to the flagged item. This option can be used as an anti bullying tool to quietly bring abusive or inappropriate posts to the attention of the moderators.

It also allows you to give a more extensive explanation as to the reason for the flag that gives justification.

For example, User A may have an uncommon phobia, unbeknownst to the Moderators, that has been provoked by User B, so this option can be used to explain the problem in an understandable way.

Think carefully before flagging a post; is it absolutely offensive and inappropriate? Was the user making a simple offhand comment? Is it a link to something Evolve related?

Repeated abuse of the flagging system will result in consequences.


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