Hunter’s Guide to the Evolve Forum (Creating Topics)


Creating Topics

The ability to create a new topic, is found beneath the aforementioned options, whilst on the front page of the forum.

Duplicate threads cause unnecessary traffic and clutter on the forums; check for already existing threads and consider the content of your own, before you create a new one!

Upon choosing to create a thread, many options become available to you, to design it as you wish.

For the basics, you’ll be guided as to what to do; give the thread a fitting title - no inappropriate language or click baiting may be included.

Choose a suitable category, don’t be afraid to search through the list to find the closest match, there’s quite a variety of options!
More options are found here:

From left to right:

  1. Click this option to quote the entire post from the OP (when replying in a topic)
  2. Use this option to make your text bold
  3. Use this option to make your text italic
  4. Use this option to add in a hyperlink (use this for Twitch links, any other form of posted Twitch link will not work)
  5. Use this option to add in > block quotes
  6. Use this option to add in performatteded text
  7. Click this option to upload a file
  8. Click this option to create a numbered list
  9. Click this option to create a bulleted list
  10. Use this option to create a large title
  11. Click this option to add a horizontal line across your post
  12. Click this option to gain access to the full range of emojis

##Topic Formatting
###Small Text

To make the size of your text small, add (small) TEXT HERE (/small), but change open and close brackets to < and >

This produces small text.


Alternatively you can use hashtags, which can alter the size of text in several ways. Bear in mind however you cannot embed this kind of text into sentences, e.g #big#

Use one hashtag on the left side of your text to enlarge it to the biggest possible, in the style xbig text, where x is #:
#big text

Continue to increase the number of hashtags on the left side to decrease the size of the text.

For example, use six hashtags to produce:

######small text

This method will only yield results between the range of 1-6 hashtags.

###Adding Spoilers

To put spoilers in your post, {spoiler} TEXT HERE {/spoiler}

Change { } to [ ]. This allows you to hide words in a post, that can only be viewed when clicked on, which is useful when talking about topics such as TV shows or films, allowing you to avoid ruining it for others.

To put a line through text, use (strike) words (/strike), but replace the brackets with < and >

###Tagging Users
Use @ to tag another user in a post. This will notify them.
Do not spam tag devs, and do not tag them so you can moan at them.
If you require assistance, feel free to tag a Leader or Moderator.

Creating Polls in Your Posts and Threads
You may want to include polls in your threads to see other people’s opinions or thoughts.

The most simple way to do this is by typing:
- Option A
- Option B
- Option C
Remember to add a closing bracket to the first word ‘poll’. It has been removed in this instance to explain how to write it.

Multiple Choices
To create a poll that allows multiple choices, type
[poll type=multiple
- Option A
- Option B
- Option C
Add in the bracket after ‘multiple’.

Multiple (with restricted number of choices)
If you want to limit the number of selected options in a multiple choices poll, you can do so using both “min” and “max” values:

[poll type=multiple min=1 max=2
- Option A
- Option B
- Option C
Add a bracket after your max value, in this case '2’

Naming multiple polls
If you get the following message when trying to create a post with multiple polls

There are multiple polls without a name. Use the ‘name’ attribute to uniquely identify your polls.

You’ll need to give each poll a unique name. Example below:

[poll name=FIrst type=multiple

  • Option A
  • Option B
  • Option C

[poll name=Second type=multiple

  • Option A
  • Option B
  • Option C

Note: Poll titles will not appear to other forum members.

Finishing your Post
Note the above features are available when making a normal post or reply as well as a thread.

The box on the right,‘preview’ shows how your thread or post will look once it has been made.
If you do not wish to see this, click the ‘hide preview’ button, located in the bottom right.

Once you are done, take a minute to consider typos or any errors in your thread/post.
Being literate gives a good impression to other forum members.
Consider if anyone could find your thread/post offensive, or if it isn’t fit for an online forum discussion.

If at any point, you want to abandon your thread/post, press the cancel button.
When you are ready, simply press the ‘Create Topic’ button, and off you go!


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