Hunter Review: Abe


This will be the first of a series of reviews I will be doing about the Hunters based on all 3 perspectives, that is, as one of the monsters, as the hunter him/herself or playing alongside that hunter, I will be starting with the final Trapper, Abe, simply because in my experience this guy has the biggest splash of them all right now.

Abe vs Wratih:

This matchup seems pretty evenly balanced, with a pretty even ratio of win losses for me as both hunter and as Monster, though I will say that unless I staged up fast I would run into some issues with the “Dart Net” as it were, overall though this matchup is fine, simply because the Wraith are nigh untraceable without the darts, as Daisy can’t smell it, atleast not as far as my experience can tell and the sound doohickey’s Hemingway has simply doesn’t cover enough ground to be able to track it reliably, meaning that against the Wraith Abe is actually quite balanced, the Stasis grenades aren’t much of an issue as most Wraith builds I ran into incorporated Abduct, which can easily take care of the issue that stasis causes.

Abe vs Kraken:

This matchup a bit more in Abe’s favor, since the Kraken is slightly less mobile and has less of a damage output early on, but still mobile enough to have a good time, the darts are a bit more of a problem since Kraken are very squishy after just staging up, but it can still hold it’s own, though the same rule applies with it as with the Wraith, stage fast or you will be likely to lose as Abe finishes his “Dart net”, the stasis grenade are not much of an issue for the Kraken at all since it’s mostly airborne during fights anyway, meaning that the grenades won’t affect it at all except on the way down and up from it’s flights.

Abe vs Goliath:

This matchup on the other hand, is a big problem, Goliath is the biggest tank among the monsters, for now, but between Abe’s Stasis grenades and tranq darts from the Medic a Goliath can quite literally not move, which is a rather big problem when it’s most damaging attacks are it’s Charge Attack and Jump Attack, both of which become completely worthless when tranquilizers and the Stasis grenade are deployed at once on the Goliath, the Jump Attack will just go straight up and then down again and the charge will be so slow the hunters will have NO problems doding even in cramped spaces that would usually be ideal for the Goliath, to make matters worse the “Dart Net” basically means that the Goliath will never be able to get away if Abe tags it even once, as it has no quick escapes or ways to vanish at will like the Krakens flight or the Wraith’s cloak, meaning once it’s tagged the Goliath has to spend the rest of the match running for it’s life unless it managed to get to stage 2 AND eat it’s fill first, which is highly unlikely if the hunters have even an ounce of teamwork between them, and even if the hunters slip up and the tag runs out it’s gonna be a miracle for it to keep going that long without getting tagged again since it will need to “quick snack” to reapply armor, which is likely to make it eat another one of the darts, worst part about it is that the long effect of the dart means that hunters who split up will basically have no issues stopping the Goliath from ever eating again once it’s tagged the first time since the Goliath can’t outpace the hunters well enough to eat nor stage up safely, it’s just too slow and obvious when it moves and the darts makes hiding impossible.

Final Notes:

Abe was obviously intended to be a counter to the Wraith, a role he fills pretty well, however his abilities will cause more problems for the other two Monsters and while the Kraken can deal with it well enough since it’s flight are faster and lasts longer than the hunters jetpacks and it’s ranged attacks means it does not give a damn about the stasis grenades at all means that Abe are not crippling, the Goliath will not have a good time against Abe at all, as Stasis grenade will be fully effective against all it’s abilities, even rock throw and fire breath will be impacted because they both have ton of movement involved, movement that are slowed down by the Stasis grenade, the rock has the wind-up animation and the fire breath requires you to walk to keep adjusting it’s positioning in accordance with the hunters movement.

Final Verdict:

Abe would be fine if he could only be used against the Wraith, as it is however the Kraken’s stage 2 are too squishy and the Goliath are too slow to actually be able to handle the fact that Abe allows the hunters to know where the Monster are for better part of a minute without any possible interruptions, that ability alone are imply too strong against those two Monsters, from a Goliath Players Standpoint the game simply boils down to an inevitable death further down the line as the hunters will lock it out from ever eating again as it will not be able to ever get away from the hunters no matter how fast and effective it is at running, while a Kraken Player will find it very hard to get enough time to actually evolve if it winds up swallowing a dart early on, it’s higher average movement speed the only thing that will allow it to “Quick Snack”, whereas the Goliath can’t, though it will need a miracle to get to stage 3 if it eats a tag at any point during the match.

From the Hunters standpoint the entire hunt simply turns into “Easy Mode” as Abe’s darts lets you know where the Monster is basically at all times from the moment he tags you the first time, meaning that the thrill of the hunt simply turns into cops-and-robbers, whether this is a good or bad thing are up to each individual to decide, I for one find it a bit too easy once the monster is tagged, as it takes a bit of the enjoyment of finding and cornering the bugger away when you know exactly where it is at all times.

All in all Abe are fun when it’s a Wraith your up against, all other times he turns the match into an easy mode Snorefest as the other two monsters are ill equipped to deal with Abe at all, with Goliath being all but helpless.


Screw Abe, shouldn’t be able to spam out though stasis grenades. No skill needed to use that. Should be like Hyde’s grenades, with some delay.


I agree to an extent that stasis grenades are easily the best equipment to slow down the monster, possibly to the point of being OP.

An important thing with Abe is that he has no way to actively hunt the monster, hence a stealthy monster can avoid the hunters MUCH more easily. Also when tracked by dart eaten or shot, you are aware of it by a little notification, you have no idea with sound spikes however.

Abe is powerful, but I’ve never had actaully problems against him when the monster to the extent that you seem to think.


Wraith and Goliath can literally just leap/warp out of the stasis cloud. Stasis nades are fine the way they are. Goliath can also charge and leap smash out of them unaffected.


Disagree entirely on Goliath, I’d say he’s the most hurt by the grenades, particularly since the Kraken, by comparison, is harder to 'nade in the air. Goliath’s reliance on melee range means he is hampered most by grenades in a fight since he lacks the Wraith’s mobility.


He has 3 ways to escape them though. As Abe I feel most comfortable playing against Kraken because I have zero troubles ripping him out of the sky.