Hunter Respawn?


Seems like all the Monster does is run away for 10+ minutes. Manages to get to lvl 3. Takes out one or two team members. Then they spawn with Twp strikes already? Seems counterintuitive to have the monster keep getting stronger as even if we manage to take out the lvl 3 monster and some health with the hunters that way all the monster has to do is disengage and go get more armor while the hunters get weaker.


Everyone gets weaker if they lose a fight. If you go down, you get weaker. If your armor goes down, you get weaker. How does that confuse you?


i recommend a good Laz to avoid strikes and no respawn time and make sure your team knows not to pick people up when he’s on the team…I play with an amazing Laz and Bucket and when coupled with Abe have great synergy. between Abe’s darts and Bucket’s UAV and invisibility not to mention Laz’s invis, we’re nigh unstoppable :smiley:


Cause monster can get more armor. I can’t get rid of the strikes against me. Monster gets 3 lvls. Hunters start out as good as they can get. Monsters can get regen buff. Hunters can’t get rid of their strikes. I know I said that twice. Because that’s the issue. The monster controls the entire battle at this point. I’ve been in a match where a Goliath just trolled the entire hunter party for 20 minutes. Because he would wait until the timer for respawn was close. Kill off the one he was toying with while the other 3 were dropping in. Go get more armor. Then do the same thing.


That’s the point tho. You need a very good team that can communicate perfectly to win as the Hunters. And only a decent understanding of the game as a monster to win. I don’t play with a group. Kind of a solo guy. Some light say that’s my problem. But the game shouldn’t be centered on aggressive play styles. Like it seems to be. No story mode. No auto balance for randoms. Just seems like they made an entirely competitive game with no room for casuals.


Monsters can’t get more HP except for the tyrant perk, and even then it’s fairly small. Hunters can always get more HP if they take damage.


Compare hunted health to monster armour, and strike to monster health. The former is easily regenerated, the after being permanent and incorporates the idea of lots of fights with hunting in between, rather than a lot of running to find a stage three monster and one win or lose it fight. That is how it should end up anyway…


Maybe there should be option if your team all has two strikes, you can climb inside Bucket and self-destruct.