Hunter respawn dropship theory


Have any one ever wonder how the hunter get drop from the ship again once they were killed
And “this is the future” don’t satisfy me enough

After a while i come up with this theory: Cloning
But not just not seem to fit,although this is the future even clone would be expensive and all.

How about Duplicating
Similiar to cloning but this is more like Ctrl+C Ctrl+V,or making a mirror clone
If the hunter survive they would upload their memory,that why some conversation get repeat all the time (Hank and Maggie about the dog)

I know this is a game and developer not really try to explain this.You may find flaw and hole in my theory but this is my ideal and if anybody want to debate,i’m all in


I’ve seen a post about this, I don’t the writer said anything back about it (off topic) I always feel weird about the idea of cloning or duplicating people and stuff like that, because the replicates are never really the same person


This never really crossed my mind but it would be cool if once a character was dead you could select another hunter from the same class instead of the hunter that was just killed and there would be no strike on the new hunter.


Think of it like this way
In every living body,there a soul or string special molecules than only one living body could possess
When the hunter,the ship gather that string,use their DNA to reproduced the hunter


Sound really like a good mode to play on


This is all fine and dandy, but what about when you lose defend? The scene clearly depicts hunters getting merked. Why are any of them afraid of dying? These are the things I am curious aboot


Hmmmm, it helped I’m not gonna lie, I still can’t picture it being the same person, therefore I just see it as a gameplay mechanic


Ill assume this means the monster gets to select a new monster too once theyre killed?


I always imagined that they were 3D printed with their memory being backed up.

Although the 3D printing doesn’t line up with the lore.


In other words, it’s a bad idea because it exploits counter picking. Picked Slim against a Kraken? Just die by the nearest wildlife and pick Laz.

Way too unbalanced.


Judging by the things Kala says I think that’s already the case.


Yeah,something like that


Just thinking about this theory I don’t think there can be much merit to it mostly because it’s not plausible lore-wise, even for what little we have. If they knew that if they died and they would come back only 2 minutes later, then Cabot would just say “Fuck it everyone down there! We’ll take on the whole planet, who cares if we die, you’ll be back in two minutes!” It wouldn’t be exactly like that, but they certainly wouldn’t go down in fours for the sake of survivability because they wouldn’t have to worry about, “well we’ll only lose four” that wouldn’t be the case. Not like I’m 100% sure on this but I’m pretty sure it’s just a gameplay mechanic and Matthew intentionally left it as a cryptic one.


For all we know there are monster here and there so the team have to split,and reproduce a whole team can cost a lot of time and money.Like i said,most hunter don’t know they going to die and even if they do,death is not pleasant
I know this is just a mechanic but it would be better if we could fill this cryptic one (or most of it :slight_smile: )


Of course there are more than one monster at a time in the planet and what not, but why not just deploy all 20 of them and just drop them and take it one at a time still?


No you would still have the drop ship timer if a hunter died a new hunter from the same class would come but the monster can still win by killing all hunters before drop ship. Monsters are already to OP don’t need to fight more than one and plus once a hunter gets to strikes there one rock throw away from being dead again I just think instead of coming back on the plane with 2 strikes a new character from the same class comes in with no strikes it would make the game more fair and as far as strikes go you should still be able to incapacitate hunters twice with strikes as long as they are being revived it is so easy to stage 1 win as a monster right now with every monster I feel like I seriously only lose to one team every one else I beat at stage 1.


Because the monster can wipe out all 20 hunter and reproduce them all would be far too hard,plus all the other monster can destroy the relay while 20 hunter chase the monster


Maybe to balance it out, monsters could switch when evolving?


While I certainly feel some monsters are too powerful (and even then I’d only put the strongest at a notch above what the hunters are capable of) blanketing all of them in such a fashion is dubious. In fact I’d say overall against most monsters the game is hunter favored at the high end.

Previously? Sure. But now strikes have basically had their penalty cut almost in half. A hunter with 2 strikes currently is about as strong as a hunter with 1 strike used to be.

I can say with 100% certainty this would not be more balanced, and would be amazingly hunter-favored.

Strikes are the monsters form of permanent progression against the hunters. Its as fundamental to the core mechanics of the game as hunters doing permanent health damage to the monster is.

If youre saying you can easily win as stage 1-win hunters as any monster- I will be blunt and tell you straight up you are fighting low level hunters. Not even going to sugar coat this with a “in my opinion…” assertion.

Im going to assume you play on console- But in the offchance you play on PC, add me. My steam name is the same name as here. Id be far more than glad to get in to some customs with you with some of my regulars and have some fun.


Lol I am fighting silver experts through silver destroyers. I have not seen any one gold in about a month and the people who were gold had 10 games played and were garbage monsters are super OP the only team that beats me is usually pick up artist iidotcom and asouraa and the other guy they play with every other team i usually stage 1 some times I do have to evolve but usually not sometimes I get sloppy but for the most part monster always wins unless the player is new or just terrible.