Hunter reserection


So I reach stage 3 and have them one the ropes but I am low on health. I leave to get armor and a timer resurrects the hunters after 15 seconds. Why do I even build the drop ship timer when the hunters can come back in 15 seconds?


Each stage up should add 30 seconds to the timer, so by stage 3 the minimum dropship timer would be 1 minute without incaps on any hunters. It either bugged out, they had Emet, or someone died rather early on in the fight and started the dropship timer early.


No one correct the title. I’m extremely immature and this is perfect.



If the dropship timer turned blue, it was because they had EMET on the team.


i believe you erected a great point…


I was beginning and match and rushed the post ok. Lol you guys are real mature😐


well, sounds like a hard-one to handle…