Hunter, References...So, Hank is obviously Jeff Bridges


Griffin, is Robert Muldoon, or maybe a mix between him, and the safari guy in Jumanji

Anyone else a clear reference?

I remember a miniature, on coolminiornot, that would obviously be a good inspiration for Hyde can’t find it as of yet.


Ogrum Ironheart

Bah, resemblance isn’t as good as I recall… still powerfists have some decent similarities.


Hyde me fo sho


rofl somehow I’m in the monster section.

Dun goofed.

Tabs! Tarnation!


Bucket’s turrets are GLaDOS’s personality cores.


Sent it to hunter’s section. You are good!


Hah! My friend and I were just talking about how he looks like Van Pelt from Jumanji! Glad we aren’t the only ones that noticed XD


I always thought he looked like a young Santa Claus, ya know… From his old 'Nam days. :stuck_out_tongue: