Hunter Progression question


I’m sure I’m missing something obvious.

I’ve been playing as the trapper (Maggie). I have Daisy ranked to 1 star, harpoon ranked to 1 star and my smg to 1 star. Just unlocked the next trapper.

But how do I rank up the skills for Maggie further? I got her SMG skill to 1 star after 2 games and never saw it do anything else after that. Same with Daisy. They both show the +2% damage on them, but no indication as to how to reach the next 2 star rankings



Just play Maggie more. The 2nd and 3rd tier stars have different requirements. It’ll tell you what you need to work on as you play.


I figured as much, but what do I need to work on? I can’t find any stat or objective to do specifically to rank her up more.
I played only as her for 2 hours last night, still couldn’t see the next star requirements.


after a match you can see you progression right? You can navigate to the star you would unlocked next and below that there have to be a text what you have to do for this star.


It should be telling you what to do after each game? In the progression tab at end game, even if it’s +0, it should tell you to do “X.”

But for maggie, you need more SMG damage, harpoon the monster 8 times in a game for 14 games, and get daisy to revive people if i remember correctly.


Yep, stage 2 gets more … invovled… stage 3 is nuts.

For monsters I would have to Multi hit 2+ hunters with lightning or something.

Stage 3 I think it was Hitting 4 hunters or getting … bah I can’t remember… but it gets harder.


Ok, gotta re-bump this one as I’m still lost.

I have most of the 2nd hunters unlocked. If I go to player progression, scroll all the way over to something I already have 1-Star for, it does not tell me how to get the 2nd/3rd star. Clicking it doesn’t do anything, it’s not on the screen anywhere I can see.

What am I missing here?


The stat you are specifically looking for is “character mastery”.

End of a game you get three segments. Experience, character mastery, and global performance. The character mastery is the one with the stars. Click on that and you can see where you are and what you must do. Sometimes the character masteries get more complex. Like you can’t just do X amount of damage with the smg anymore, you might have to do X amount of damage in one game Y amount of times.

For example with Laz his first set of masteries he has to just revive X amount of people. But his second set he has to revive two people in match Y times.


Thank you.

Where do I find this when not at the end of a round? Like from the main menu, or prior to a game starting?


You can’t find it anywhere but after a match, pretty annoying management.


Excellent question. Couldn’t tell you. Have to wonder if you even can. If you can it would be in your profile somewhere, maybe the leaderboards for that specific character (again, doubtful).


That does seem like bad design choices. Surely we are just missing it.

I want to know what challenges I need to work on before I start a round. Not see what I forgot to do afterwards lol :smile:


Ok, updated. Just tried it again. Using a character I just got the 1 star for, I went to character mastery, scrolled to it, and nothing. Sigh