Hunter preference


Ok I will preface my statement with this I am new to these forums.

I am a player that prefers to to play hunter, now for some reason almost every time i log on I am placed on a monster class. EVEN if there is only 1 or 2 other player controlled units present. Just change at the lobby you say, for 2 reasons I cannot either I am missing some magical step on how this is accomplished or I am BUGGED much like the guy in that post. Or I am dropped into the middle of a match as the monster with only 1 - 2 Player hunters. At this point I have wasted 30 to 45 min of my time had 0 enjoyment and log off annoyed. I mean I know the character assignment is much akin to Russian Roulette but when you have a guy standing the who’s #1 class is open and his least favorite class is the one you give him.

I know we are a few years off of Age of Ultron. I understand that everyone will get picked for all classes, but this scenario of half filled teams and getting placed on your last choice.
PS. If anyone can help me troubleshoot why I can’t change classes at lobby.


Ok, so the thing seems that the game will always try to place at least one player as monster, rather than having a full hunter team and an AI monster.
So what happened was that the two other guys also had monster as their 5th and you got picked at random, or they were a pre-made and you were forced into it.


That does seem logical And I did figure that to be the case. But my point still is I exit game after game until I just stop playing.