Hunter Preference & Monster Only Preference


Along with No Preference when selecting role preferences, I think there should be a Prefers Hunter option and Prefers Monster Only. Because sometimes I’ll want to be Hunter but don’t really care which one but have to prefer one over the rest. But then I might end up taking a class that someone really wanted. Same when I want to play Monster. If I don’t get monster, I don’t mind which hunter I get. Let the other people get the role they want.

So pretty much, Hunter Preference = Any hunter then monster
And Monster Only Preference = Monster then any hunter


That’s pretty much what ranked is. You only play as Monster, or only play as Hunters.

Also, you can ask the other players to change if you are in quick play. You can back out and change class or change to monster if they are nice enough.

Or just back out of the lobby if you did not get Monster or Hunter in Quick play.


This is for quickplay. It would eliminate people backing out and makes things faster and easier.