Hunter Pokemon types


If the hunters were giving Pokemon types, what would they be


Markov : grass
Hyde : Water




Markov - Electric
Maggie - Ground
Hank - Steel
Val - Fighting

Hyde - Fire/Poison
Griffin - Ground
Bucket - Steel
Lazarus - Dark

Parnell - Fighting
Abe - Ground
Cabot - Fighting
Caira - Ground/Fire

Torvald - Steel
Crow - Fighting
Sunny - Flying
Slim - Bug (lol)

Lennox - Steel/Fighting
Jack - Fighting/Pyschic? (Repulsor)
Kala - Ghost/Dark
EMET - Steel/Dark

My opinions anyway lol.


Nah, Val would fit more closely into poison, considering her tranqs.


I see Abe as dark


Torvald might be steel:dark cause of his dark perersonaltity


Rogue Val would be poison/fighting, blitz Markov is electric, WL Maggie is ground/fire and tech hank is steel


I almost put Torvald as Fairy just for fun. X’D


blitz markov is the raichu of markov


Your threads always confuse me. Do you just sit and think of any type of questions and why not post them all in your random question thread?



Goliath: fire/fighting

Kraken: electric/flying

Wraith: dark/ghost

Behemoth: either earth/rock or rock/ fire or fire/earth or earth/fire/rock

Gorgon: insect/poison


trust me. have you seen the Galactoid threads?


Don’t know what to say to this, just doing what I love


I think sunny would be steel/flying


Oh umm I’ve never played Pokemon…


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Who is “Judge Mental” and why is he staring?


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