Hunter pixels!


hey! i’ve been working on some hunter pixels lately. i’ve only finished e.m.e.t., crow and bucket, but i’ll do everyone!

they don’t look good in dark backgrounds ):
also alternate versions!

anyway, they’re free to use! any suggestions for the next hunter?

Don't you wish if Evolve was published by Valve?


Time 2 update my Forum pic :wink:


i’m glad you liked it!!! :smiley:


These are awesome!!! I suggest Hyde or Lennox, but do whatever you like. Please make more if you can, these are great!


thank you! i’ll probably do support next, and then assault… then start at trapper again. hope i don’t lose motivation!


I :heart: it!


thank you!!!


This is just amazing, you’re super talented! :open_mouth:


Torvald please!!!


Could you do Renegabe as the next trapper please?


Isn’t that your paintover of the character though?

I like the Monarch skin on him


Do Bucket!!! :bucket_cute: :heart:



(TRS please make it a skin😉)


thank you all! i’ll probably do bucket since i’ve already sketched him… but rOBOTS ARE TOO HARD TO PAINT!!! they’re the coolest tho.


Blitz Markov and E-Griffin.
VERY COOL,this awesome job.
Are you planning to make the monsters too?,Meaty and Wraith would look very cool(Bob and Kelder too).


thanks! e-griffin would look cool!!! totally forgot he existed.
i could try! not the very best at drawing monsters tho.


Congrats on your beautiful work good job!
Also please try Caira as your next medic :wink:


thank you! she’ll probably be my next med since she’s my favorite! emet just seemed more fun to draw at the moment hehe :^))


sooo cute! nice work! :heart:


thanks a lot!!! <3 just finished bucket!