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Well, there is a lot of threads that are discussing perks, their benefits and disadvantages when it comes to situational, classes, combination of classes, and many more factors that would judge why one perk is better than the other. I’m not here to ask about that. I want to know, what exactly perks effect or don’t effect. I’m going to use @IamDenny picture, i hope you don’t mind :smile:

does CAPACITY INCREASE benefit Val’s Tranq - Yes/No? If yes, how many extra (if 50%), is it 2 extra or 1 - she has as far as i remember 3 shots, so 4,5 ?? You see where i’m going with this?
How about Maggie’s Harpoon traps? can i place more 5 or it’s max?
How about RELOAD SPEED, does it effect every individual soft reload of Val’s Sniper or only the full clip? There are quite a few questions, that i would like to get answers to. If there is information on it already available, please give me the link, i would like to take a look and read on it.

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I think they are to help you win the game or something like that


I believe capacity increase works with all weapons bar the ‘deployables’, ie the ones with a limit of five such as Maggies traps and buckets turrets

From playing as val I think I noticed a slight boost when doing the soft reload with that perk, but that might have been my imagination


Far as Maggies Harpoon traps go, you can only place 5 of whatever object you have, arc/banshee mines, stasis grenades, harpoons, the oldest one disappears when you put out another.

I didn’t try capacity while I was playing alpha so idk about that one, sorry


Wasn’t to sure how it worked in the alpha either but from what i could tell it effects energy type equipment like Hank’s shield generator and laser cutter, Val’s med gun, Hyde’s flamethrower etc.


Reload speed allows for those items to recharge faster I believe, increased capacity doing exactly what you’d think :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes but I think Capacity Increase allows you use them for a longer period of time before they need to recharge.


Capacity is how much ammo you have in all of your guns. It does NOT increase deployables.

I picked the capacity perk on Hyde because he already does crap tons of damage, so why not give him so more ammo so he can do all that damage for a longer period of time?


I remember hearing that Reload Speed doesn’t affect class skills. Does anyone know for sure? @Macman perhaps? :smiley:

Lazarus' Personal Cloak not affected by Reload Speed perk

When I played as Maggie I would get reload speed some of the time so I could lay down harpoon traps faster since they reload after each trap is set


Ya, reload speed for Maggie is good. Reload and Swap are ones that I really like. Val Swap I tried getting to work just because she used her whole kit with pretty good results. Most other classes felt like there was usually 1 ability/weapon that wasn’t AS important to use. However, it always ‘felt’ lackluster for some reason :frowning:


That’s the thing, i would like to get more specific info. I think it’s obvious that the game is still being balance, so it could change, but there has to be an idea behind all this, there has to be some understanding. If this game, in any way, shape or form wants to aspire to be e-sports, there should be clear understanding of it’s mechanics. That’s why i would like to know more. I’m sure that when the game comes out, there will be plenty of spread sheets that will show numeric values, we are not there yet, but at least we can find what effects what, and work our tactics around.

Example: when i was playing Alpha, the first one, i totally thought that height jumping 200% is useless, so the moment i had 35% boost to Jetpack recharge, i went and never turned back. But once, i got a perk that got me 400% i was super amused how glorious it was… Another example is when @Chloe mentioned a reason she went on 100% cycle speed with Markov made a lot of sense and that got me thinking a little bit more about all those % what they do, how they effect scenarios. And guys, i just want the math, that’s all, we’ll all draw our own conclusions from it.


Capacity can allow you to fire 5 nades with Caira instead of three by default. Theres many applications like this.


Geez that’s some insane healing!


Ya sadly Val can’t increase her healing potencial just as much as Caira nades do.


It does actually. We wanted the Character Perks and Elite Buffs to affect as much of the equipment as possible.

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Lazarus' Personal Cloak not affected by Reload Speed perk
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Huh, I thought it was mentioned that you didn’t want to do that because changing the Dome Timer was such a big deal. Hmmm…


That makes me think…increased capacity on Parnells rockets…cabots rail gun…but I think you’d need a good trapper to make sure you get a dome down. That extra jetpack mobility is hard to pass up


any chance on actually seeing what effects what?
some spreadsheet, some diagram, pictograph maybe?? :smile:


We tried to do whatever made sense. Faster reload is faster recharge, so it made sense to affect cooldowns too. Increased capacity affects your clip size in the assault rifle but also effectively affects Val’s medgun battery size. Pretty standard stuff really.

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