Hunter "Not Dead" AFTER 5 KILLS?


Either there is a bug or Im not understanding the rules of a hunter actually dying on the 3rd down…but it was my understanding that by default (unless the settings are changed) that hunters get 2 strikes and on the 3rd down, they are dead?

I been playing Solo Mode, against bots for a week and keep running into this issue where hunters are reviving after 3 downs. On the 3rd down, I see a message (Hunter is Dead!) …but they are still coming back for not just 4 but 5 TIMES. Thats 2 incapacitations and 3 kills on a single hunter. WTF

My settings are set @ default which is 2 strikes and I’m playing with all original Hunters : Val, Hank, Maggie and Markov.

How is VAL coming back if I incapacitated her 2 times and killed her 3 times after that? Please explain.


Because they respawn. Once you kill a hunter a dropship comes 2 minutes later with any hunters who are dead. That’s why it says “finish them” in the top left. Because they come back.


That IS strange. When Hunters die they return on the drop ship 2 Minutes later. Are you sure they weren’t coming from there?


well if thats true then thats pretty stupid, whats the point of 2 strikes if they just keep coming back.


Because they come back with 60% health instead of 100. This game would be disgustingly monster favored if he only had to kill the hunters twice.


Because after the two strikes they can no longer be revived by the other hunters (they now instantly die and go to the dropship) which makes it easier for you to finish them off. Each strike also drops a significant portion of their health making them easier to incap next time you run into them.


I just feel a hunter should be dead on the 3rd down, thats actually having to kill the hunters 12 times which is fair. Im just saying the Reinforcements after 2 minutes from the dropship shouldn’t be the same hunters if they have been killed, they should be another character out of the 12 hunters.


Thanks for everyones reply


Lazarus also can use that device which prevents hunter death strikes from counting.


You win If you kill all the hunters before the dropship comes back in 2 minutes. Hunt down those stragglers once you start downing hunters :smile: