Hunter Nerf pls


Jo guys, pls do me a favor and remove this Hunter buff again. It is just so annoying to play as monster at the moment. I was a very well monster player and get about 7 win in 10 games. Now since the new patch i win at max 2 Games and it is no fun anymore. Before this patch it was even hard enough to win but now it is nearly impossible. The monster are so much too low at stage 1 and even on stage 2 they cant do very much. Vals new health cannon is able to overheal the supernova of the wraith and behemoths autoattacks and the fissure skill at the same time. The life of the HUnters increased too much and it is ridicoulus now to face them in Lvl 1 and 2. Sunny ist anyway the biggest troll in this game. The jetboost has no cd, the shield protects everyone and u cant go anywhere without shes pushing her mates on you. Her damage is almost the same as an assaults one. On the other hand, the kraken is a bad joke now, the mines are useless now and his health bars are 5???. same to goliath and wraith. Pls lower the hunters health, so that u have a chance on lvl 1 and 2 again. Lower Vals health by 50% and it is balanced. Remove sunny from the game or rework her. The jetboost is not balanced at all, same as the shield drone. Give the monsters more health and power again. It shoulndt be the goal of the game that a medic is able to overheal all abillities of a monster fired at the same time. Jetpack loading time should be lowered by 50%. I was a rly good monster and i know i am no noob but at the moment, this is no fun and ridicoulus. i stop to play this game till the monsters are balanced again. I see the same when i am playing as hunter. i am winning again and again now. Give the opportunity to ban one hunter from a game like in LoL. so that the monster players have the chance to take out op sunny


Paragraphs UP


Well since the 2.0 update I’ve lost 80% of my matches but before I won about 80% so I think its the other way around


Good lord man! Get some paragraphs in there before anyone even thinks of reading that! Organize some ideas something! Can’t just hit people with a giant wall of text!


I think that English might not be their first language. Because otherwise based off some of their suggestions I would say that they’re a troll


That looks like something I would do :joy:



Ok, now a few suggestions how to make this game more playable for monsters. Well structured now.

  1. Lower max health of hunters by 500-600

  2. Reduce healing of Medics on all Hunters that are down by 30%. So they cant just get them back in the game over a distance of 1000 miles and overheal the Monsters damage.

  3. Nerf Sunnys Jetboost. Ideas can be, that boosted hunters lose armor, give it a cooldown etc. Same for the shield drone. Give it a higher cd.

  4. Nerf Vals healing cannon.

  5. Give Kraken back his 3 mines, add health bars in early not in late but on lvl1 at least. Same to Goliath. Give all monsters a little higher autoattack damage.

In this game it should be able to kill a hunter on lvl1 with the monster if well played or when the hunters do little mistakes. But with the 5 health bar Nerf on Kraken and Goliath, and on the other side giving the hunters more health and sustain, it isnt possible to do anything at lvl1. Thats the big problem with the balance at the moment in my opinion,

This game is may balanced on Bronze where the hunters are on a very low level. But if they just get brains like in silver it is impossible.


Actually the game is pretty balanced in low to mid silver, monster favored at Bronze and even on a high level a win is not impossible for the monster. It sounds more like you have hit your limit in the ranks. When you cannot defeat Silver Hunters, you should not rank up to be a Silver Monster. While the hunters are too strong at a high level and need a nerf or two here and there, what you suggest is just way over the top.




They’ll end up dying in like one rock throw.


The thing I see is mostly hunters takeing advantage of superior ground and practically trolling a monster. Like the door ledges on aviary. Also deployables in general are too spamable. In the time it takes to destroy those mines he has all five set up again same for bucket. Also goodness the Maggie harpoons through scenery. Prior to patch 5.1 I could wreck bad teams and have a shot against good teams as behemoth now the bad teams give me issues if I don’t flee until stage 2-3. But against good teams good luck getting that high due to them able to take a indirect route and still catch you in 7 seconds.


Actually it WAS very well balanced to low to mid silver. But now it isnt. What u say is bullshit and has nothing to do with the skilllevel in rankeds. I am already a silver monster and easily climbed up the silver 1 stage to silver 2 (180 points).

But that day the new patch 5.11 came, instead of winning 8 of 10 games i lost 7 of 10. And that was vs an elo which i already beat easily in the past. So it is for sure no skill question. I also tried several tactics and straetgies but everything that leds to a win in former times, failed.

It is well known atm that hunters are op in silver and high bronze. And it is not cause of the skill of the players but the latest patch. The questions is how we can bring the monsters back in the game.


No they dont because of the fact that they already give them +500 (3000-3500) hp with the last micropatch. And they also didnt die before this patch from a rockthrow.


Their incapacitated health is 3,500. Their standing (alive) health is 1,600. Unless your health nerf suggestion was directed at incap health, in which case I apologize. :smile:


It’s 1600 , that’s incapped health you just stated. So like I said before they’d all die in almost like one rock throw. If they used your Nerf.


Well they gave hunters several buffs in general. One they added masteries which is a huge effect. Two they boosted reload perk while boosting up all medics heal bursts. And then they nerfed behemoths melee a lot.


Also the Kraken and the Goliath, that have a huge lack on mobility have a way too less health. At least they should be able to stack more armor on lvl1. Or give them more attack damage on autoattacks as an alternative. Since the Kraken lost his Minepower he is nearly useless, cause it is so easy to dodge lightning strike or just shield it.


Against anyone but newbies I can’t use behemoth anymore. I have to use Goliath against good teams now which is insane. His bugs multiplied by the nerfs and hunters buffs make it incredibly one sided now.


Hunters have 1600 health right now. Giving them 600 less will straight up break the entire games’s balance.