Hunter/Monster win % is looking great!


So TRS put up a pic of the win percentage and it is 50.1% for the hunters and 49.9% for the monsters. I’m really surprised that the win percentages are so close! Good job TRS keep up the great work!


Thats pretty awesome.

I’d like to see the monster win % broken down by each monster as well.


Wait for learning curves to break in…


Yep me too. Only time will tell though but hopefully it will remain about the same since both sides have learning curves.


I wish they had an active break down as the game progresses see which hunter is most picked and stuff like that but awesome that it is staying so close.


where is this? link me please!


Evolve Beta Stats


yea… this isnt the beta. kind of irrelevant now.


Yea, Specially since they change some stuff since then its kinda pointless. That’s why I want a Live board.


Invidual monster win ratios would be cool to see!


Well, at the moment most picked will be horrifically skewed. I know that I am still working on unlocking the second tier for Support, and haven’t unlocked second tier of any of the classes yet. They would need to wait at least a few weeks to a month before player selections would be really meaningful.

EDIT: I have unlocked all three monsters. That was my primary goal.


The OP was referring to the twitter feed. You all can have a look at the statistics through this link!


Future Caira healing grenades and Hank Shield Projector nerf incoming, I know it.


I honestly don’t think either are a big deal, Clara healing grenades are pretty good but by far not overpowered, They take a lot more skill than the medic gun to heal, and you can still out damage the grenades (Clara is one of my favorite characters so might be a bit biased). Hank you can focus him down or knock the hunter your trying to attack out of site. From what I have been reading it seems like everyone thinks one of the characters class have something “op” about them(exception bucket?).


Well if they don’t touch them I’m glad because I like them, but I really see them often, most people seem to choose Caira over Val once they’ve unlocked her, but it might just be my imagination.


I like Caira due to the acceleration field to chase down monsters get in ever bit of damage. Also like the grenades can heal me as well keeping me safe. Val has the tranq gun and the medic gun is easier to heal.


Yes, still would be cool and I got everyone unlocked yesterday morning.


Its nice in theory, but it does not actually tell me much. For all I know, the Monsters might win every high level game and lose every low level one. I need more information before I can worry about balance Dx


I forsee a nerf on them in the future as well because those grenades are just powerful and they have a pretty big radius so you don’t even need that great of an aim to use them. Played a few rounds as Caira and her healing was so much better than Vals. Not sure about the shield projector though. If I see hank as the monster he is usualy my first target followed by the healer.


As long as you focus someone down Caira healing gernades barely do anything. (I play her any time I play medic because of acceleration) unless I feel my shot is of than val