Hunter/Monster Rotations And Sales?



everything i log in, i see which hunters and monster are free 2 play this week thanks to the hunter/monster rotation.

Now im wondering, the rotation is weekly, on what day will it change/update!?

and the other question
are hunters/monster that are now free to play also on sale in the store?
i thought they were in sale, cause it seems like all the hunters from rotation are now 50% cheaper, and the monster is 30-33% cheaper, but then i saw that bucket is also prices at 2750 while not on the rotation.

So my question, are these hunters/monsters currently discounted or are they just a “cheaper” tier to buy.

If they are on sale, i need to buy them asap :stuck_out_tongue:



Don’t quote me on this, but I vaguely remember reading someone say Friday. But I don’t know for sure.


and do you know something about the sales?

or are characters like Abe always 2750 keys instead of 5500?


noone knows if those hunters/monster are on 50% sale or they are just cheaper/lower tier?


Rotations will change on Fridays, every Friday.

Characters on rotation are not going to be on sale at this time.