Hunter & Monster portraits for icons/thumbnails use


First I’m not sure where this should belong so I’ll put it in Fan Art until someone who believes otherwise move it.

After discovering how to awesome the forums updates have been lately, I learned from another user how to have that cool ring around my DP.
Like this one that I have as my DP right now

or this one that I made for @moiser.

So while waiting for the long wait time in queue I took the time to make some from the current hunters and monsters to be used in the forums or whatever you guys are planning to use it for.

Tier One

Tier Two

Laz may look blurry in this big picture but trust me he looks great when scaled down.

Tier Three

Tier Four

Tier Five

@10shredder00 because we’re T5M fangirls.

Tier coming in 2016

Also here’s a Gif compilation of all the ones we have so far.


I don’t suppose you could do one for Cosmic Goliath? :wink:

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OMG, why didn’t I?

I’m on it…

wait,… do you mean Meteor Goliath?


If I meant Meteor Goliath, I would have said Meteor Goliath :stuck_out_tongue:

Cosmic Goliath holds a special place in my heart. It’s so prettttty :smiley:

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No Meteor Goliath, uh?

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I couldn’t find any good quality sample for him, if I had I would’ve done it.


Not… Enough… Likes… To… Give…

######P.S @Azmi_Anuar you should totally use this image instead:



I edited the image a bit and found a better one, try this one:


like this?

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Soo goood


Harhar! I’m so preeeeeeetty

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Wow it looks so cool as a picture omg…


Quick! Remove all trace of it so that no one else can steal it!

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Don’t be greedy…


But its so preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetty

I’m sorry, forgive my selfish nature :open_mouth:


Dibs on Val. MINE!!


Do you have behemoth with some floaties?


What are those?


There goes my secret ring uniqueness I see.
Glad to see you made something really useful out of it.