Hunter jetpacks?


if i can climb a wall with zero fuel, why does it take fuel to climb it at all?
if I dont have my face right up against the wall, i cant climb it?
monsters can climb and climb with no cost?
climbing is monstersided?

can the hunters please have no fuel subtraction or addition when climbing, 360 climbing so no matter what part of you body is on the wall you can still go up without dis engaging from the battle.

ps i dont know if its a glitch or bug but if you try to climb a wall with zero jetpack, you can’t climb it at all. but if you stand still an what for a tiny bit of fuel, you can climb the tallest cliff in evolve? this seems weird physically and philosophically.


pretty much all the stuff you said is there for a reason. if your jetpack runs out, you’re supposed to feel a bit weak, to encourage jetpack conservation, but not useless.

if you could face any direction you wanted while climbing, you’d be able to shoot at the monster. again, you’re supposed to feel pretty weak. also, have you ever tried climbing a wall backwards? let me know how it turns out.

climbing is monstersided? smh… this is a asymmetrical game, comparing the sides like that isn’t something people should do

the suggestion you made about 0 fuel subtraction while climbing is very valid. it would help out fuel conservation, i’d be cool to see it in the game.

the zero jetpack thing isn’t a bug. you have to wait for a tiny bit of jetpack. it’s a small price to pay for essentially infinite verticality.

keep in mind that climbing is slower than jetpack. if you get a tiny bit of jetpack to climb a cliff, it all evens out because it takes forever to get to the top.

other than your one suggestion, I wouldn’t change jetpack climbing at all.


Zero fuel subtraction would make hunters way too agile and self-sustaining. That fuel from climbing drains an important part of fuel needed for dodging.


How could you shoot a monster when climbing backwards when (console) your thumb is stuck on the aim button, absent from the right analog(aim direction)?

It is more for chasing purposes rather than dome evasion. The second you stop liking at the wall you drop straight down. Plus looking directly at a wall is just plain boring.


Easy, take your finger off the left stick, since you are going straight up anyways.


Lol you win! Haha


like I said before, try climbing a wall backwards sometime and see how far you get…


Do you have a spare jetpack he can use?


Hunters are already far too agile…


If hunters could climb without using any fuel that would really hurt monsters. Good hunters are already almost impossible to lose.