Hunter Jack, disappointing? Not what I expected



I’m posting this in Off Topic category since it will probably never change and i’m probably the only one who has this opinion.

I recently bought hunter Jack. And I was disappointed seeing him without the mask on.
I thought he would be this mysterious character. But seeing him without the mask in my opinion made him not as lovable character as I thought he would be.
With that said is there a way to reverse purchases from the ingame store?

I don’t understand the beacon thing that Jack uses too compared to the tracking darts.

I’m posting a link to a post I made about problems I see with the store, since I bought Jack without knowing what I will get.


Jack is a teen hunter and the son of Lennox. He’s the youngest hunter, and pretends to be a superhero named “The Jackal”. He’s more a comic relief character. If you want mysterious, your best bets would probably be Crow, Lennox, or Kala.

His Survey Satellite shows all recent footprints, elite wildlife, eaten corpses, and the monster that are in it’s radius of about 100 meters (I believe). It also does damage on contact with the monster.

Store purchases are nonrefundable, but I believe they are looking into making it possible.


Hey, who knows? Perhaps we’ll see Jack with his mask off if they ever make a variation for him. They’ve already put a half-mask on Maggie, and a set of huge goggles on Hank- the variations that is.


He said he doesn’t like seeing him without the mask.


…Uhh I left my cat in the oven.

runs off


Thank you for the reply!

I will try the 3 characters you suggested!
And about the other skill Jack uses the laser from hands. Can you please explain me what it does?



Jack’s Repulsor is kind of a reverse Griffin Harpoon. It blocks the monster from going towards whatever direction you angle it, for a short amount of time. When it’s red, it’s not doing anything. This means the monster either isn’t moving, or is not moving in that direction so it’s not being blocked. You can reangle it till it’s yellow, which means it IS being blocked.

The Repulsor can block all Traversal Abilities, standard movement, and monster abilities that cause them to move, like Goliath’s Charge, or Wraith’s Abduction.

Also, just a run down on each character, Crow is a mysterious character who doesn’t really talk much. He’s a hermit, so he doesn’t really know how to interact with people.

Lennox is a smart old woman who thinks VERY highly of herself. She designed most if the architecture on the planet. However, she is onto something about the monsters. We just don’t know what.

Kala Kapur is a scientist who fused her DNA with the monsters, giving her monster abilities. She knows A LOT about them, where they come from, and maybe even how to stop them. What exactly it is she knows though, is a different story.

Another mysterious character you could try is Val. She’s literally a spy sent to spy on the hunter team and see what’s happening on Shear. It’s pretty sick.


Totally agree. AFter i saw Jack without mask and with blondy hair i just puked. All that misterious feel went away