Hunter ignoring monsters armor OP heres why


all hunters have to do is kill the tyrants on the map.

Monster doesnt get health buff.

Then just kill random wildlife.


Then kill the monster IGNORING armor.

this literally breaks the game.


You’re acting as if everyone has Crow’s gun and everyone knows how to use it properly. Now that would be hilarious.


except it takes a good 3 seconds to charge up that shot . . . and that means he has to fire it instantly. so if your on the move its hard to hit AND if your hitting him in the face with your giant meathunks/tentacles/scythes/treesforarms he will get stunned the charge wasted and he will have better things to worry about then charging up that shot


5theres no reasonm not to use crow. that gun is literally game breaking.


and even if he does get the shot off he deals like . . . a 1/8th of a bar of health for a 3 second charge up shot? nothing to worry about at all


Also I don’t believe it does too much damage. It’s noticeable, but he isn’t the Assault so


it does permanent damage… armor means nothing.

thats game breaking.


so basicully thats like having a monster ability that takes away jetpack fuel everytime you hit the hunters…

yeah youd be crying then too.

its really stupid broken and everyone is going to be really mad about it.


Have you tried holding V or Left/Right trigger yet? It does this weird thing where you get HP back. Seriously, Crow does not deal THAT much damage.


Only Crow has it. If you feel it’s that game breaking then focus Crow down first. If he wants to live he’ll be forced to either A) Rely on teammates or B) Switch to Stasis. And even then teammates can usually only do so much if you’re determined to keep shooting the monster focusing you when you’re not Assault.


your confusing ARMOR for the healthpool. you can regain armor but not the health pool. crows guns hoots THROUGH the armor ignoring it and damaging your permanent health if you charge up his gun


He’s talking about holding V or the left/right trigger, or evolving, which does in fact recover your health.


its overpowered… the fact that he can do ANY damage thats PERMAMNENT is OP.

kill the tyrants on the map (no health regen possible) and then just slowly play the game out and the monster literally has no armor in theory (ignored) this is GAME BREAKING.

you doesnr recover health. your health overall percent goes higher. its not the same at all.


So Monster is overpowered too because he can deal permanent strikes which last even after the Hunters airdrop in again? Come on man Crow’s armor piercing is situational at best and the only thing it does is finish the Monster if it kept running away to rearmor again at Stage 3.


a monster shoyuldent get to stage 3 since eating DOESNT DO ANYTHING.

since his HEALTH is getting hit the entire time.

its broken


Have you seen how much damage that gun actually does?


What do you mean a Monster shouldn’t get to Stage 3 and eating does nothing? That’s the main objective most of the time, though a lot of games CAN end at Stage 2. His health is not getting hit the ENTIRE time it’s like Crow is omnipresent and always shooting the Monster, that’s impossible unless they are hacking.

If you encounter Hunters at Stage 1 and they Crow decides to peel you then eventually you get away, evolve and gain your HP back. Crow only becomes dangerous to a Stage 3 that can’t finish off the Hunters in one go because either no strikes or they’re really good at fighting at that relay.


Bruh, sh*t hasn’t even been out a whole day. And we’re (the community) is already getting absurd amounts of OP threads.


then dont get hit? crow is one of the few times i will forgive a monster for running away all game


are you guys really that ignorant?

Cabot damage amp… weakspot… all damage to health.

hes BROKEN fix this.