Hunter ideas tier 5 and beyond


A trapper with a personal cloak would be cool, a support with a heal ability, a medic with its own decoy/ hologram projecter , and a trapper with a spectral viso that high lights everything for the trapper to see and tag the monster When in use. Oh and a assault with a homing weapon would be fun.


Trapper with a personal, sure I like that. But only if there is a reason for the cloak. Like Laz has his cloak for the sole purpose of sneaking in for the revive. What would the trapper’s purpose be?

Support that can heal? Not so much. Healing should be kept to the medic class, because two people in a match that are able to heal may be a bit OP.

And assault with homing missile? Not a good idea either, I could see that being kind of a boring class to play.

Not bad ideas, as I never see a hunter or monster idea as a bad idea. Flawed maybe, but I never count anything out. With the right build anything can work.


I want the trapper to use some sort of UV light or something to highlight monster tracks. It won’t be Daisy, Gobi, tracking darts or sound spikes, just some light/substance that shows hidden tracks even if the monster has been sneaking.

Now that might sound OP but let’s not forget Maggie already does that with Daisy. However the new trapper would do it themselves and highlight the tracks for all to see rather than the team having to follow Daisy.


check em out if you want, took 3 iterations with the communities help to get them as balanced as possible.Monster still needs tons of more work.


I reckon an assault with dual big guns of some sort would be awesome. Like automatic shotguns or assault rifles.


After thinking about it a support that can heal would be OP but a support that recharges the healing burst of a medic would not be. The assault with a homing weapon dose not need to be a boring missile.


Or maybe only the trapper can see them for a short time, not the whole team. It would make the trapper unique and extremely necessary.


Maybe the heal burst recharge idea would work. But I still see a homing missile as being boring. At least bucket you still have to aim. But again, it would depend on how you do it. Anything could be awesome if given the correct kit and set up.


You know, what would be cool is a support that can “Read the monster’s mind” (Reveal Cool down timers on monster to call out skills that are ready to cast more precisely.) Maybe set up something where if you pick the next ability he’s going to use the whole team in LoS gets a mind sheild if he activates it next. Example: If he flame breathes and you picked rock throw as the next skill he casts then concentration is broken and the skill the support casts goes on Cool down and no shield is given. It’s a bit complicated and it may need simplifying. but its something i just came up with off the wall. xD


i posted tier 5 concept suggestions? completely on topic lol


how about we balance the game with 4 sets of trappers, shall we?


OMG how come no one has thought about this, a trapper with a cloak BUT has no special way of finding the monster, the hunter has to rely on his own prowness and adaptation to find the monster, its basically a skilled player character, but his cloak is personal and it lasts longer because the hunter has to move in on the monster without detection

Basically a Predator!! ^.^


Oh. My mistake. I misread the OP’s post. I thought this was just critiqueing his own ideas, lol. My bad.


I still think the trapper with a pair of binoculars/visor that high lights everything the trapper sees and can tag the monster would work with a trapper who has a cloak because the visor would have a short range. Also instead of a heal burst charger we have a class ability cool down increase gun that fires a small drone like slims and to balance it, it will have a long time to reload. And I never said missile I don’t like the idea of a missile more like homing energy bullets, another idea is a assault that is mid ranged to melee attacks kinda like a ninja.


The Trapper with a cloak could have a smaller dome. Just a little smaller, so the Hunters still have room to maneuver. But it would be a harder dome to land, and offer a bigger payoff, although with less of a duration. :smile:

I could see a lot of skilled Trappers doming the monster without the cloak, then using it to hide if they’re focused.


I just hope there will be more abilities that involve skill, like griffins harpoon, hanks orbital barrage, wraiths abduction etc. Its just so satisfying getting a hit with skillshot :laughing:


To sneak up for doming. Obviously lol. I think it’d be OP, but if you partner with support you can do it anyway.


Again, these aren’t solid ideas, just ideas. A cornerstone o where to start if you will.


It’d be super nice to have your own cloak. But to make up for it, you’d either have to do no damage or maybe have a much smaller dome to catch the monster


WOAH?!?! Positive speculation among people who want to see the advancement of a game their passionate about without any one hating

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