Hunter Idea


I just thought of a cool idea for a hunter in Evolve, perhaps a tracker.

Weapon - Crossbow

Main Ability - Poison darts. These darts can be used on wildlife. When the monster eats wildlife affected by the poison he is debuffed or tracked or something. It could even reverse the states of his evolution by making him sick.

That is basically the extent of my idea. Let me know what you think!


I like it!

The game needs more status effects, I reckon! I mean we already have Hyde’s Toxic Grenades, so maybe we can have another Hunter that does similar damage? :smiley:


That could be pretty interesting! I get the image of an assault or support that does almost no upfront damage, but has insane damage over time by applying debuffs. I suppose hyde already has poison and fire, but hey, you never know!


I like it! Daryl w/crossbow for the win! Seriously though, the idea of tagging wildlife that the monster could then eat and lose health/speed/evolution meter points to or get tracked, etc. is an awesome idea! Perhaps the crossbow could be equipped with different darts that would do these different things, as per the choice of the hunter. NICE! I think this would make a good support hunter weapon selection. Secondarily, the crossbow could be equipped with decent missile arrows that maybe explode into fire on impact…something to give the support more “umph” besides just debuffing over time.


Hey thanks for the positive replies friends. I think that the crossbow could work in multiple ways, obviously because it can use many different types of ammunition. I also think the potential debuffs would be balanced out by relatively low damage in combat due to a crossbows low rate of fire.

Maybe together we can mock up the whole hunter???

What should his name be!!?



I have no idea why but that was the first name that came into my head anyway, so, Boris!


Boris…I was thinking Norris, lol. But we can’t have that because the game would then be broken. The Norris always wins!