Hunter idea: the whaler


This hunter is inspired by 19th century whalers like quequeg and cpt ahab (in the drop video there is a storage tub labled ahab so there might be a a guy like this already coming out)

Name: Quinn
class: trapper

1st ability: smokes; Quinn breaks out a pack of smokes giving all allies a cig which gives a buff to speed and damage; the cig can be visually seen on the screen and in each characters mouth. You can tell the duration of the buff on how much is left on the cig

2nd ability harpoon; Quinn (using nothing but elbow grease) hurls a harpoon with a rope attached at the monster. If it finds its mark quin can recast the ability firing the rockets attached to his front side propelling him away from the monster effectively pulling it to where you want it to go!

3rd ability; mobile arena

4th ability; smg

OPTIONAL TRAPPER ABILITY IDEA; coin flip; trapper flips coin, one side tells you the direction of the monsters, the other points you away from the monster



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