Hunter icons, gotta be a better way


As of now as a two story tall monster its very hard to see the hunters.

All I can usually see is the health bars and players name, and I game on a 67" tv from only about 7-8feet away!!

The Hunters names seem to be real clutter on screen and dont change size with distance so can be misleading.

I think a better way may be to replace the health bar and player name with a symbol representing the class.

The symbols would go from dark colored at full health (Matching the class color of course), and as they take damage it drains color exactly like the ability meters do.

Then make the symbols get smaller or larger based on distance to them.

This way the screen is cleaned right up and hunters 100m away dont clutter the screen with full sized health bars and name tags, also makes identification during a batlle with explosions going off in your face constantly more accurate as its not only color but the symbol you can track.

I actually find on some displays the support and trapper color seems very similar and some people I have played with thought the medic was green, the trapper was yellow or brown and the support was brown or yellow.

Then if you insist add the hunters names back on but only at very close distances, say 15m or so, then people can still do videos and have their claim to fame.

Also Evolve has fantastic graphics, but when you look at a hunter who shoots you they get such an ugly highlight around them that makes the detailed character models look like cartoon rejects.
Isn’t there a way to highlight the hunters without ruining the character models detail?
Same complaint for wildlife, whats the point of such nice character models if you cant actually see them during a game or battle?

Perhaps it would be better if the smell detection triggered a pulse similar to a heal burst but of the color of the respective hunter, it would show them for a second or two and fade out. Lets you reacquire target but still enjoy beautiful game design while actually playing the game, radical and idealistic I know but seems like something to consider.



They experimented with this internally when when they gave this to the hunters themselves as they were doing the pinging/ui overhaul (Color blind mode, etc. all that fun stuff)

They said it was BAD- Because the monster would EASILY go "Oh. THATS the medic! +apply copious amounts of ham+ “MEDIC DOWN!”



I will try and take some in game screen shots showing how obstructive the health bars and player names can be sometimes.

I find this an issue with most MP games actually. The amount of screen burnt up by these indicators is always a bane to me.

Maybe they could just make them a bit smaller? I play on a big HDTV (67") and the icons are massive.


Please do. I play on a 45 (or so) inch tv- So smaller than your set up, but I have never once had an issue with the icons being obtrusive personally.


I’m sure with the revamp coming they have actually given it a good once over. Both sides of the argument are pretty fleshed out and have equal validity.


I never really saw this as a problem. I play on a 50 inch screen but screen size really shouldn’t make a difference here. The game is scaled equally no matter how big your screen is. A large tv isn’t giving us more viewing area.


This is moreso an issue for those of us that use 21inches and under.
As someone that has taken the time to learn the outlines, you have to learn tricks to make players easily identifyable. (future videos…)

I dont think the players should have an bright icon, that acts as a beacon of light. And i’m torn on how to deal with this, as it is something the needs to be addressed… However with Cloak being overhauled, and slim spore being changed… this may no longer be an issue in TU9/1

In short. Your right, but it may be fixed with an alternative solution in the coming patch