Hunter Evac Strategy - the teleporter


The other day we were playing some Evacuation and as mot of you know there are environment perks that come with winning a scenario along the way. One of those perks are the teleports that are randomly thrown down around the map.

We realized that these can be used to actually trap the monster to your benefit. Essentially you want to have the team draw the beast in towards it and once it gets to you, slap down a dome and say; BUH-BYE…

Some ways that this can be handy include;

  • Nest - trap the monster while the team goes about destroying the
  • Rescue - same deal, trap the monster while you’re getting the
    survivors (ensure you’re not doming it in with the extraction point
  • Hunt - trap the monster to help eat away at the clock when you’re
    having issues.

In the video below, the Wraith was stage 3 and giving us all we could handle. We used this approach to eat away at the clock as well as buying time to get the team back from the drop-ship and for the medic to get everyone back to full health.

Anyway, it has been quite useful and I figured it would be worth sharing…

The unofficial tips/strategy thread

We once got the minion stuck on the arena, with daisy, so the minion took 1 minute to get out of it, and ONLY THEN started attacking daisy xD

The monster player after the match was like ‘‘what happened to my minion ?’’


Yea, we actually do the “divide and conquer” approach on Defend mode quite a bit. Essentially the trapper (and often 1 other hunter) will go out and dome the monster away from his minions. They start to work on the beast while the other two hunters wreck the minions in short order.

Strategic use of the dome can be very handy.

This teleport strategy just kinda came to use by accident and we’ve started using it to great effect now. Again, with a LVL 3 Wraith that is wrecking yer world (everyone on 2 strikes) it’s handy (and REALLY pisses off the monster lol


Ok, we made more great use of this last night

Scenario - we had a couple of randoms that were a bit noobish and kept dying. Were fighting a Wraith on Nest… couldn’t get the last two eggs as he was all over us (Support and Medic)

Tactic - we simply laid out a full compliment Bucket’s sentries around the teleport, then went after the nearest egg. When the Wraaith came, we high-tailed it over to the teleport, hammered on him until our health started to go, jumped in the teleport

We did this several times and despite our teammates getting whacked by the minion over and over, eventually won the match.

Teleports can be VERY handy when ya get used to em