Hunter Elite Skins


So I finally got an Elite Hunter Skin! Caira’s. And I have to say that…it’s a little lack luster in my opinion. I do love the way the gun looks now but I was hoping that it would change the character model. For the Monster Elite they look pretty cool, changing the color and whatnot. But I was thinking that maybe it would change the character models as well to make it more distinguished that the player who has it REALLY knows how to play that character.


Yup TRS is really failing in a lot of areas ATM. L4D was soooo good. Yet they have made soo many mistakes with Evolve.


Totally agree man, they should make character skins change the look of the Character ALOT.


The hunters viewpoint is a first person one. What is the point of having a complete reskin if you can’t even see it yourself? And it could also confuse monster players, for example, having a white-colored trapper might lead people to believe it’s the medic, and focus the wrong player.


I remember reading earlier, from a Dev, that they are working on the Elite Skins to make them better. So we just have to wait :3


Because people want other players to see their elite skins? Why do I wanna see myself? What people want is to be seen by others, so they know he/she is elite and it won’t confuse the monster because each persons name is a colour representing their class.