Hunter dome op?


First 5 minutes are uneventful and are just to provide context, I hope you enjoy! I know I didn’t:


Lol You did that to yourself! :stuck_out_tongue:

Those guys were bastards for taking advantage of it though…


Just be lucky that Wraith Trap got a massive overhaul so you shouldn’t have this problem.

If you need me to, I can move it into the bug section, since it could be an a-ha to the devs, though I’m confident that the map overhaul will fix this problem, but on other maps I dunno if they are also getting breakable trees.

Up to you :wink:

Double edge sword: Problem is fixed on this map, but I dunno about others.

@TheMountainThatRoars @Buckets_Sentry_Gun @Insane_521 can also help sort this out. (Are all maps getting breakable trees?)


I was expecting some amazing God dome, but this is way funnier :stuck_out_tongue:


To immobilize a monster like that is a god dome. This is the mother of all god domes, since monster can’t damage hunters, but hunters never lose LoS of the monster.


I dunno, he kind of jumped himself in that spot. I don’t think it was the trapper’s intention.

By otherwise, yes, the God of God domes :stuck_out_tongue: (although I’m sure it will be hard to replicate)


This was dumb luck, I wouldn’t call this a god dome. The dome goes up and then he jumps in that spot. He just had the misfortune to get pinned by the geometry. You tagged Cory though, so if there is an issue he’ll see it.


I was just wonderin’ if all maps were getting breakable trees to solve future problems like this, or if the 4 overhauled maps were the only ones with the breakable trees.


I don’t think a big tree like that will become breakable. But I can’t say for sure. This could have happened with any number of placed items though. We’ll just have to wait for the update or until Cory is back from the open house. :wink:



@Buckets_Sentry_Gun ninja’d me. I was going to post Cory in the House.

At least it was a good anime.


Got to love players like that.



Same with the Gorgon Mimic glitch if you are in Ranked, Customs, or Evac. They’ll just kill you cause YAY EASY WIN.


Sadly you dont really have a lot of options in ranked. In customs, lololol ya totally do- because youre going to reset it anyways. Quick play though, vote for that rematch every time.


You can’t get out of that right? Might as well die. You’re doomed to lose anyway.


In QP you can either ask to restart or take a break. If that happens to me again in Ranked, I’m leaving the match.


I think you could have gotten out if you looked straight up.


It was because of the tree I couldn’t get any height, maybe straight up would have helped but I was try to get enough to climb out


Yeah I understand the bullshit.


Maybe kraken or wraith or gorgon could’ve got out of it…