Hunter deat after 2 incaps. but still able to be revived


I may be a little confused on how this works. But how I understand it is. If you as the monster kill the hunter twice the third time they are dead officaly untill dropship. However how is it when I play It says “support dead” but the 5 sec later they are revived. I am just a little confused.


that is lazarus using the laz device to ressurect dead hunters. it lasts 45 seconds after the body DIES. so the drop ship timer will disappear.


So lazurus is the one you want to go for if he on. Alrght thank you very much


or eat the corpses, that helps


go getm tiger! also. he has his own cloak. so with the support’s cloak he can be hard to find. keep your eyes and ears open. smelling reveals footprints on the ground and you can see if he jetpack boosts.