Hunter damage output on PC is way higher than on console


Hi guys,

now after some days on PC again I have to say that the damage output on the hunter side is way higher than on console. This makes the life on the hunter side sometimes a little bit easier on PC. I dont know if I like this cause it makes the game very bursty on both sides on PC but it feels more balanced, at least in the end game.

On PC the monster never reach stage 3 without huge health damage.

I dont want to discuss here why console gamers doing less damage (gamepad, mouse blaa). I want to discuss here, what are the solutions and how we can deal with it. Or maybe my Team on console does no damage and some of you think “Nah you can do awesome damage on console as well if you can aim”. Let me know what you think about it.

BTW: Kraken on PC is OP as well…

And why is Golaith and Bob so slow on PC, got consoles already different patches…? For example: Ther rock throw takes ages to throw on PC


No, it’s all the same stuff. Same damage values, same time for abilities. It’s all the same data. Any slowness has to do with your PC.

In any case, Hunting is a lot easier on PC. Aiming is so much smoother and controlled. Landing shots tends to be simpler. On console, there are limits to the speed at which you can aim, and after a few months on PC, I can really tell the difference.

I won’t say PC is better than console because it’s not. There are some games that are good for both, but they also specialize in different kinds of game. Evolve is, inherently, a shooter, so it tends to work better on PC. Alternatively, playing as a Monster seems to be easier on a console because it doesn’t require twitch aiming or super reflexes.

Don’t think the balance on one platform should dictate overall balance, though. Even though PC feels better, changes made for that might not be good for console.


well. damage output has huge variables for each side.

Console Or PC?
Controller or mouse/keyboard?
Pub or Premade, or Friends with Pubs?
Which monster?
Which map?
Which hunters?
Skill level of individual players (includes map awareness, feeding routes, co-op, cut offs etc)

and there’s more.


Quite a few times we can take a monster down to 1 bar or less in a single dome (if the dome is nice and open).

We’ve fought a behemoth and taken them down to half a bar, S1. Same with other monsters too. On Console, monsters don’t always make it to S3 without huge health loss. Perhaps if they FT3, and/or the maps suck for making good domes. Then the comp matters too.


Dome - damage done

1st dome (S2 evolve) - half hp +1/4 armour (monster mitigating)

2nd dome (S2 dome) - 1/4 hp + full armour

3rd dome (S3 dome) - 4.5 bars hp (~4/5) + full armour


Okay I will check it with a different pc but monsters feel so slow on PC ^^

I play on PC as well with gamepad, even with gamepad its easier to land shots on PC cause 60 FPS and it feels like there are better hitboxes on PC, or it feels like that the hitboxes are not lagging.


Sure, I agree! But after some days on PC I can say that an average PC-Gamer does a lot of more damage than an average console gamer, this feels not fair for console gamers, if the game is balanced that way.

I am mainly medic so I dont know if it is possible to get high damage on console on the monster. Maybe some of you guys say, its not an gamepad issue its just an skill issue of the players you play with.

For me its no problem to get him tranqed or what ever…

This was exactly what I wanted to hear cause it proves my theorie. Its not a gamepad issue, its a skill issue of the players who are not awesome with gamepad.

Too bad that on console are not a lot of poeple out there who are really good with gamepad. On PC it feels that everyone can aim with mouse even low skilled players…

But still it feels so awesome on PC with 60 FPS and gamepad, a lot of easier to track and shoot than on PS4, feels like an aimbot :wink: but I dont switch completely over…


yea, but it helps that the devs each play on different systems too! yea, they may stream on PC, but their main evolve console may be Ps4 and Xbox.

so i doubt it balanced to just the Pc.

i think @Sidewaysgts said this one, but its a matter that consoles simply invite a larger number of casual players than Pc games. not saying all players are casual though of course


I think Monsters feel slow because a PC is much more responsive than a console. The 60 FPS helps quite a lot in that regard. The gamepads are also better with a cord attached, so they react more quickly. I did test and there’s a tiny delay for console controllers. Doesn’t affect my gameplay, but some people claim it’s the end of the world. Kind of subjective, though. It bothers some, but others don’t notice.

As for the skill and overall damage, it’s because largely, there are more skilled people on PC. Consoles attract a ton of casual gamers, but PC remains mostly exclusive to people who are generally more hardcore gamers.


Ohh that ist good!

I have watched your video, its good yes but the damage on PC would be higher than this but its not bad its good!

Yeah maybe you be right! Could be…


I’m sure thunderchild could actually say for certain, couldn’t it @mizx?


i believe the monster slowness is another case of perspective.

like how the monster at stage 3 feels like it moves slower but it really doesnt?

i think the difference in third person and first person affect this to, in addition to any movement/animation speed caps there may be (so that you cant instantly 180 with a monster)


DPS are good for console but overall not that high here (compared to what you can do with a perfect aiming). Especially while the monster is not looping the full time and with such a heavy damage composition.

1st Dome is around 131.

2nd Dome dps is around 120.

3rd Dome is better with 290 dps.

With this composition, maximum dps is between 400/500 dps (everybody shooting the monster at the same time) and this without counting hank’s orb.

I guess with this composition, a high skilled PC premade can get between 300/400 dps (maybe more) constantly when the monster is not avoiding the fight.

I have seen an ESL video with Legendary, stg3 full shield loosing his armor in less than 20 sec (was 16 or 18 i think). 5000hp in 16/18 seconds, DPS ~ 300. Apply this to a full good open dome = Goliath stg3 full hp/armor dead in 1 dome only. It’s not as simple as this in reality but damage output is way higher on PC at low, average and “pro” level.

It’s not a skill issue, it’s gamepad limitations. I have told you this many times and it’s just logic… The only limitation of speed with a mouse is your muscles. Faster you move, faster your aim will be, with a gamepad you can’t do this. Same with reflex shot you can be really accurate with a mouse, with a controller you can’t.

Also, a good mouse got nice spec, way higher than any controller : polling rate 1000 hz, > 4000 dpi… Just the components by themselves allow a higher accuracy.

If you need facts to accept this (even if for me it’s so obvious…) :

Don’t want to be rude but you can still think that with long training a player can be as good with a gamepad than an average PC player using a mouse & keyboard but it’s not true, not because a lack of skill but just because of the gamepad limitation. And just being able to kill some randoms on a public PC server with a gamepad doesn’t prove anything…

The only way to compare mouse/keyboard and a controller is if you use aim assist (i.e : aimbot, like in Titanfall/BF4/Battlefront for exemple).

I mean honestly, they took the best console players (pro COD players certainly) against mediocre PC gamers and the PC one still won… Unless you think you have a better aim than a COD pro console gamer ? Well i’m sure no one on this forum has.


From the livestreams i have seen, hunter damage is pretty ridiculous on pc. I dont really see any way of changing that though since its just because of keyboard and mouse. Maybe an accuracy nerf?


Yes you cant! Sure Gamepad is not that accurate like a mouse but you can be awesome if you are mastering the gamepad.

You dont need a polling rate on pad xD

This test is 6 years ago in that time they improved gamepad support.

With high gamepad skills its easy to beat average pc mouse users. I did it all day in bf4 and bf3. I have there over 1000h playtime.

first of all these players are average pc players and I was in a clan in bf3 with high skilled pc users and even one of them I could beat its not all about aiming its about movement, map knowlege and a bit aim of course…

Please NO! Never bring aim assist back its sooo noooby!

Yeah before 6 years, play one game before 6 years they all have wonky/clunky gamepad support.

I dont want that this discussion goes into a mouse/gamepad discussion. As I mentioned I search solutions to compensate the damage lack on console…


It’s 100% due to controller vs. keyboard and mouse. I’ve been on PC since Evolves release and I started using a controller for about the first 700+ hours of my current 1300 total, reason I swapped was because my controller became faulty and wouldn’t connect and I was too lazy to buy a new one, forced myself to learn keyboard and mouse.

It’s impossible to make a topic about this without discussing the actual reason why hunters do more damage. When you aim with the joystick your reticle usually ends up moving 2-3 times more than what you want it to and the sensitivity forces turning speeds to be within a certain range. This can cause you to miss some shots at a distance whereas with a mouse you can be as accurate as you want with being able to turn as fast or as slow as you want allowing you to land more shots.

With that said, consider a mouse vs a joystick for, lets say 100 shots of Markov’s assault rifle at a distance. Every shot missed is just pure damage loss, much like how every shot landed is damage gained. In a chase scenario, the Markov with a mouse will net more damage gained purely off of having more shots landed. Over the course of the game, when you consider all the other hunters and how this affects them as well, it becomes extremely noticeable and even some of the more important examples would be things like landing a tranq/harpoon/stasis, it adds that much more damage potential before the monster breaks line of sight.


Yes! I know but this thread is about solutions and not about shouting out the issue again and again. So we all know the problem how it can be fixed? Aim assist is nooby…

Yes, we all know the problem but if its like this then console needs a damage buff on hunter side, to compensate the people who cant aim well with gamepad. Or what?


There are no realistic solutions to this problem, it’s a physical limitation of the controller which consoles force you to use. Sure you can do things like strafe to fine tune the shot just a bit but that’s still something a mouse user doesn’t have to do. There’s no way around this. Buffing damage on console because of this handicap is not the solution to that problem.

It’s just the nature of a FPS that relies on accuracy but is available on multiple platforms. The only reason it never really comes up for other games is because it’s limited to a specific platform which forces all its users to use the same method of aiming and at this point you couldn’t force people on PC to play on console, much like you can’t force people to go to PC because everyone has their preference and not everyone owns the other platform.

I’m sorry but that’s just how it is.


False devopers have to adapt to the plattform. Like mobile games, or GTA 5 on PC and so on…

Yes but in other games all people have the same input and game mechanics. In Evolve its asymetrical the Monster on console has not to be that accurate like the hunters.


You are ignoring a fact and putting forth your argument as a biased response towards something that is unfair and you want that to change in your favor. Trying to convince you is going to be near impossible at this point through speaking in text. Sorry but this is going to go nowhere so I’ll take my leave now.


Check your bf4 accuracy with assault rifle, its 12% on pc as mine on ps4. Now take a good player who has the same amount of playtime than you but who play with a mouse. I have looked for it, accuracy is 30%, 3 times more accurate than us with our gamepad (no aim assist) i.e on evolve with the same settings, 3 times more dps.

Developpers need to take this in acount to balance their game but it takes too much effort.

The test has been done with 360 controllers, the same you can buy today for your pc, nothing has been improved.

On controllers, you have polling rate, 250 hz = 4ms on DS4.


And instead the monster damage is ok, right?