Hunter Damage Mitigation: Problem or Fine?


I don’t consider myself a lack luster player in Evolve, certainly not Pro level but not average either. I played Evolve for a long time before all the nerfs and buffs ruined the game and made it something that was for the most part a game you could ONLY enjoy while playing with friends in a custom game.

Now I like to play monster, I do consider myself a Monster Main, and I have been noticing something troubling as of the last two days or so.

As players have been adjusting and learning, both old and new, I’m finding it harder and harder to get strikes on the Hunters. And not just with any single monster but all of them, now yes this just could be my level of skill against there’s I will throw that bone out. But I can’t help but get a gut feeling that I’m seeing the true face of Stage 2 as of right now.

I’ll give a decent example. I had a match against a Caira/Hank/Abe/lennox comp, I was Behemoth. Are first encounter I managed to get a strike on Caira but I lost nearly have my health, this was a stage 1 fight to be clear. Now I had come close to downing any one of the other hunters several times during this fight but I very quickly noticed that Caira was out healing me so I started focusing her. Managed to get her away from Hank long enough to down her and then ran.
Managed to get far enough away to evolve to stage 2 and get full armor again but I had lost a little over half my HP. The second fight went even worse, I started by trying to focus either Hank or Caira to get them out of the way. Didn’t work as one would protect the other. By about my hp getting to the last 25% I noticed that I had Lennox pinned in a corner so I started hitting her with everything I had. melee and skills. And every time I got her down to around 10-20% hp in came the shields and the med blast and in seconds she was fully healed.

I lost that match only being able to get a single strike on Caira and I typically get more playing as behemoth.

The match I had after that one, still playing as Behemoth, Didn’t go any better, in fact I feel sorry for myself that I lost. It was Caira/Hank/Abe/Markov, two of the Hunters dropped out so it was Two players and two bots and I lost as Monster. And this time around I didn’t get a single strike.

The only difference between this and the last match is that I was paying attention to how the Hunters were playing during the fight. And what I saw literally made me kind of slightly rage quit. Hank has two shield skills that if timed right basicly means that any targeted Hunter will never be without a shield…ever. And the Medic, not going to say just caira because I’ve seen this with other medics as well, was healing faster then I thought possible. And when they were combined I could literally do nothing…even against a pinned hunter taking every attack.

Now I get that there needs to be some damage mitigation or else the Monsters would just use the Hunters like toothpicks. But from what I have been seeing the mitigation in game, add in the perks and it gets scarier, is…well it’s too much. Even the few times I played as a Hunter in the last couple of days I felt the same way. I actually felt bored, like I knew this wasn’t going to be a fight that I or my team had to worry about because I knew we could out every thing that the monster threw at us as long as we worked together.

For New players this might seem all fine and great but I can’t be the only vet of the game that is seeing a problem forming.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just being a little salty but I trust my gut and it’s saying there is a under lining problem in the game. If a Dev reads this all I can ask is to keep an eye out for it. I’d hate for this game to go down the same road again without realizing it before it’s too late.


This is the game, the skill of monsters comes in breaking down the line of sight, of taking out the medic or support to create a fatal chink in their armour.

But also in knowing when to run, and where to be to escape well.

Sounds like a tough match, and hank plus caira has always been formidable.


In the two main examples you gave, I see part of the problem. Caira, good heals and speeds up the Hunters. Abe, slows down the Monster in an area. Versus Behemoth, the slowest Monster, and is currently being adjusted since he is too weak.


I know how to break the line of sight, espically for Hank. It’s the parts up to breaking LOS and the after that bother me. It just seems…harder to do it now. And if you can’t get that down in the precious second or two that LOS is broken then it’s like all the hard work and HP sacrifice that you made to get that one hunter alone was just wasted.

You have the one hunter in front of you shooting and the other three behind you shooting, healing, shielding and all four are trying to jetpack either away or towards and it’s easier for the Hunters to break LOS with the monster then the Monster force the break.

Trust me I know the game, I know hundreds of hours of the game, I knew the maps like the back of my hands, I knew the places the Hunters would likely post up and I knew how they would likely cut me off on the chase. I stuck through with the game until I physically couldn’t handle the frustration anymore.

And these players were not much higher then me in level and I didn’t see anything fishy to say they were hacking or cheating.


The chased I didn’t care for, I wasn’t trying to run away for running away sake. I ran got armor and got back in the fight. I’ve won several…several matches as behemoth in this version of the game before I started noticing this.


I wasn’t referring to running away, but in combat. Every missed punch because they were just one meter too far away makes a big difference.


Just throwing it out here… Keep in mind that behemoth is still under review.


Sorry…still getting salt out.

Yeah I know his reach but what about when,like I said, you have a hunter pinned against a wall or corner and they can not dodge? They have no choice but to take every hit you throw at them and then you still can not kill them.