Hunter cowards


Noticing a trend in hunters running straight to relay when you rank to s2 and just waiting
That’s lame as hell anyone else seeing this and have you guys noticed its totally in their favour doing this


What monster are you playing? and what skills are you using?.
these two could be a reason for the stationary defense positions that you find boring.


No it isn’t. I wish all my opponents did this. Free wins.


Seriously level 3 maybe if you have no idea where the monster is. What is wrong with people?


And Stage 2? Whaaaaaat?


As different monsters hence my confusion?


At stage 2 your joking right? The only time I’ve ever just waited at relay was when 2/4 of us decided to right into a glitch spot so me and the other guy just sat at a corner near relay spinning we ended up winning cause the monster somehow died lol


I’m not joking its such a daft plan I didn’t believe it at first
4th time different hunters I was like eh


Why can’t the Hunters I fight relay camp at Stage 2? Why? WHY?!


Don’t get me wrong it made a nice change from being perma slowed as wraith :blush:


I Only do this if we trap the waith 5 times and don’t do any health damage because he flies!
so we just chill and set up traps


ah, relay fights… I remember them from way back in the days.
Sadly only every 20th game is now getting to that point anymore where I actually need to bother staging up to evo3. I blame wildlife buffs and bad matchmaking.

Tough what you are experiencing should give you an easy win with enough time to armor up again constantly after getting a strike at the relay fight.


Agreed, I’m never allowed to fully armor up anymore after reaching stage 2, they stay right on my butt the whole game.


Haha, if your Hunter team has the balls to let you have a free stage 3, then be prepare to be ass-whooped (Or taken to the brink) if you ain’t playing Kraken. The Hunters are VASTLY more powerful while defending. I made an entire thread about this! A stage 3 Goliath at the relay is significantly less effective than a stage 2 Goliath who can choose a place to fight.

Where you fight is just as important --and sometimes moreso-- as when and who you fight. Why risk strikes fighting a stage 2 Goliath on unknown terrain when you can be strike free and just pillar hump and safely spread out with the knowledge that the monster can’t reach more than one person at a time and everyone can safely pepper?

Most relays are hugely in favor of the hunters. You having full HP is way less important than them having no strikes.


dem pubs. Will a pub please explain the reasoning behind this.

pub candiate number 1

Ty for your “insights”.


I find myself trying to make these same points in various threads, here & elsewhere. I actually did have a team turtle at the Refueling Tower when I reached stage 2 with Behemoth a few days ago; but I couldn’t tell if that as because they didn’t want to chase/fight, or if they were really confident in their defense. This is when I first encountered Sunny placing a shield drone on top of the Goliath cage, which as a Behemoth I couldn’t reach.


My team used to do that with Wraiths before the patch, because then there was no point in hunting the wraith, you couldn’t trap it


This can be really abused, and I saw a Behemoth do it to us.

IF your hunters are not chasing, use stage3 at your convenience. Go around and collect all the things you need. Health regen buff to heal up that last bubble. 35% damage buff to help end it all faster.

Those are the two most popular.



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