Hunter Costume Skins


Sure some of the skins for the guns are cool but aren’t that noticeable, so i think either more brighter skins for the guns or the hunters them self, like on borderlands the characters have different colours to their outfits, anyone else agree?


They won’t change outlines because of outlines showing the monster what hunter they are targeting and hunters are color coded so they know the class.


dont the names above the hunter have a colour showing what hunter class they are? like light blue being the medic and green being the trapper


Slims spore cloud removes names and health bars


and the hunters from the monsters POV are like ants


and you can tell from the hunters abilities such as you can tell if its Val by her medic gun that has a green trail, Hank by his shield that has another trail, and the characters all have dialog during the battle of them against the monster so you can still tell who is who buy their voices and abilities


You need the outlines so they can tell from a distance you need the color so they can tell in the middle of the fight if someone isn’t using their beam weapon whether red = danger orange = less dangerous target green/blue = safe


So maybe brighter color costumes like if you get a skin you will see the red as assault and it’ll be obvious but in a hunter point of view you can see other colors mixed in


The skins aren’t meant to be show off between hunters. That’s why it’s your weapon, which you, and only you, should see and be impressed by it. And sure, the monsters skins are more noticible, but are you gonna drool over the monster’s sexy skin while it rips ya in half? Nein.


A lot of the weapon skins you cant really see as the hunter either. Like Torvalds details on his robotic arm are completely out of site when you play as him. you can only see it during his animations on the choice screen which is kind of lame.


Yeah, but still, you can’t have the hunters change how they look, either in the colors of their clothing or their outline. I don’t think costume skins are ever happening and it’s for the better.


Yeah but with Slim’s spore gun I realise it won’t matter, I need to see the name tag otherwise they really do look like ants running around to me. I can’t tell them apart.


what about that maggie arctic skin they’re doing now?