Hunter concepts!


This is my first post here so apologies if I’m in the wrong place or something, if I am I’d be grateful if someone would redirect me.

Anyway, I have some ideas for hunters, this was just a bit of fun so I don’t expect anything serious from posting these. Also, if you have any criticisms, improvements or your own original ideas then post them below and we can discuss.

ROLE: :support:
NAME: Azumi (Japanese name meaning ‘safe residence’)
AGE: 24
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Black, tied in a bun with full bangs that fall at brow-level
HEIGHT: 5’2"
PERSONALITY: Careful, kind, intelligent
RELATION TO OTHER HUNTERS: Fellow scientist and friend of Caira

SLOT 1: Slowing beam
FUNCTION: A beam that slows the monster considerably (Works similarly to Cabot’s damage amplifier)
SLOT 2: Jetpack booster field
FUNCTION: Creates a field around Azumi that boosts all hunters’ jetpacks when in the field. They gain extra fuel and increased speed.
SLOT 3: Focused plasma cannon
FUNCTION: Shoots blasts of plasma that deal considerable damage to the monster. Tapping the fire button shoots smaller, weaker blasts, yet allows for more rapid fire, while holding the fire button allows for a bigger, more damaging blast.
SLOT 4: Cloak

ROLE: :assault:
NAME: Maria
AGE: 56
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Grey, tightly pulled back into a braid
HEIGHT: 5’11"
PERSONALITY: Demanding, rude, self-assured

SLOT 1: Dual minigun gauntlets
FUNCTION: Specially crafted gauntlets that allow Maria to deal heavy damage at medium to close range.
SLOT 2: Toxic RPG
FUNCTION: An incredibly high damage weapon that also creates a toxic cloud for damage over time. (This weapon has a very high cooldown time)
SLOT 3: Smoke bombs
FUNCTION: Great for aiding escape but also for leaving the monster vulnerable. The smoke bombs temporarily stun the monster and also render them unable to smell for a short period.
SLOT 4: Personal shield

ROLE: :medic:
NAME: Jonas
AGE: 16
EYES: Heterochromia, left eye hazel and right eye green
HAIR: Short, blonde spiked
HEIGHT: 5’5"
PERSONALITY: Sensible, hesitant, intelligent
RELATION TO OTHER HUNTERS: Twin brother of Meg (the Trapper)

SLOT 1: Poison crossbow
FUNCTION: Bolts poison the monster for damage over time.
SLOT 2: Healing spikes
FUNCTION: When planted they emit a health pulse with a 10 metre radius. When team-mates enter this area their health will be gradually restored. Up to 5 of these spikes can be placed.
SLOT 3: Armour-piercing dual pistols
FUNCTION: These pistols create weak spots on the monster than enable team-mates to deal damage directly to the monster’s health. When all the monster’s armour is gone the weak spots allow for increased damage.
SLOT 4: Healing burst

ROLE: :trapper:
AGE: 16
EYES: Heterochromia, left eye green and right eye hazel. Heavily made up, intense eye-liner.
HAIR: Long, blonde with the ends dyed neon pink, tied back in a loose ponytail
HEIGHT: 5’5"
PERSONALITY: Bubbly, rebellious, carefree
RELATION TO OTHER HUNTERS: Twin sister of Jonas (the Medic)

SLOT 1: Tracking crossbow
FUNCTION: When aiming and holding the fire button the crossbow projects a 5 second long hologram of what was going on in the area shortly before, allowing for hunters to track the monster. When the fire button is not held down but rather tapped the crossbow fires a bolt that highlights the target.
SLOT 2: Stasis spikes
FUNCTION: When planted they emit a stasis pulse with a 10 metre radius. When the monster enter this area they will be slowed considerably. Up to 5 of these spikes can be placed.
SLOT 3: Dual pistols
FUNCTION: Regular pistols, deal moderate damage.
SLOT 4: Mobile arena


Re-posting these from a similar thread because they went somewhat unnoticed there and i would like some constructive criticism to improve them.

Ranger wears full gold-colored body armor (including a helmet covering his face completely). Over the top of that he has black duster, ten-gallon hat and bandoleirs across his chest holding his main weapons, the six-shooters. This character is mostly built around evading damage so as to stay active long enough that the relatively small damage from his pistols has time to cause real lasting damage.

Y-Six-Shooters: Dual wielded rotary-energy pistols with a total of 12 energy rounds per clip . Rapid fire, quick recharge, high accuracy yet does relatively little damage(energy weapons possible due to modified hard light tech used for Trapper domes and personal shields).

B-Anti -grav Platform: Ranger deploys a small disk which creates a hard light platform which Ranger uses to fly with much more stability and control than the jetpacks (though he still has one). Platform lasts for 30 seconds,can be moved side to side through normal controls, ascends by holding A, descends by holding X, can be dismissed early by pressing B,Ranger moves at 3 times walking speed while using platform. will wield pistols while using platform. Could be used similarly to Buckets UAV to find monster or could be used to avoid damage during combat.

LB-Phase jump: Similar to Wraith movement ability (as it is sourced from the Wraith Trap project) Ranger can teleport short distances(exact distance undecided) bringing along any hunters within a 5 metre radius at the time of the jump, if monster is within 5 metres it will receive moderate to heavy damage depending on how close it was. Can use twice in a row. Takes 5 seconds to recharge after one jump and 15 seconds if he uses both. Can be used to confuse monster, dodge attacks, traverse cliffs faster if aimed up, evac incapped hunters near a camping monster (hopefully reviving them before the monster catches on), help other hunters evade high damage attacks.

RB-Cloak Field:

He has spent the majority of his adult life as a loner mercenary and over time has stopped placing value on human life and shows a callous humour in most of his interactions with other hunters. He is one of the most famous and feared mercenaries in the galaxy but there is not one person who can claim to know his real,name,home planet or even ethnicity. His main motivation for fighting is to fund the creation of new technology (all his tech was self made) and generally make himself more powerful (potential here for conversations with Slim and/or Torvald where he asks them what was involved in their transformation). Spent last several months working for EbonStar on Shear and assisted in capturing the Wraith in Wraith-Trap for which he charged access to any data they got off of it (which he used to create the Phase Jump built into his armour).would appreciate it if you could cast a Kiwi for the voice actor (we are seriously under-represented in games)

Possible Quotes
When helping up survivor: “Do we get paid commission for these cos im pretty sure weve got enough to earn a paycheck”

When reviving Hunter: “If you fall down again im not gonna help you, might even steal your shoes or something”.

When Monster reaches stage 3: “well were fucked or, more accurately, you guys are bait”.

Dropship conversations (may add more as i think of them)
Caira: So you’re a mercenary, what sort of work do you do.
Ranger: Well my most well known job was the Hub sattelite over (planet name here, not going to invent one and screw up the canon).
Didn’t that satellite crash into the capital city.
Yep. That was me. Some rich fucker was tired of not being slightly richer and wanted to inspire his countrymen to try and seperate from Hub. I make it look like Hub incompetence killed a few thousand colonists and boom youve got an uprising. Well technically it was more of a craaashraww or something but you get the point.
You destroyed an entire city! You know Hub is still looking for you.
Not me specifically. I know because they hired me to go back there and assassinate the separatist leader a couple months later. Same guy who hired me for the satellite job actually. (chuckles) The look on his face (sighs) Priceless.
You’re a monster!
Not yet, but if we do find out how they make these things. You never know.

Ranger: Why do we keep sending teams out to places like this?
Parnell: What do you mean “places like this”?
Ranger: You know: remote bases and shit with tiny populations. Everybody else is evacuating population centres and at the end of the day theyll come back talking about killing swarms of monsters and saving hundreds of people and what will we be able to say? “We killed one monster then saved ten people and a shit-load of birds so equal contributions all round”.
Parnell: You cant reduce human lives to numbers
Ranger: Oh,you’re a hero type (chuckles) we’ll see how long that lasts in this line of work
Parnell: What is that supposed to mean
Ranger: We all go into mercenary work expecting to be the “noble outlaw” kid and we all get a dose of reality sooner or later.

This next characters backstory will be tied into my other character, keeping up the norm of partners amongst the Crew (Cabot +Bucket, Parnell + Abe, Hyde + Lazarus etc, the exceptions being Caira and Griffin. Anyway…

Blond hair, Blue eyes
Android (like Bucket before he left the Marshals)
Wears bulky black armour decorated with scratched and faded red warpaint.Has wing frames attached to her back (more on that later). Has electrical wires protruding through the armour on her lower back, running up her back and along her arms before connecting with her main weapons.

Y-Energy Rifles: dual-wielded full size rifles that have been modified to fire energy rounds. Powered by a specially designed generator installed into Angel herself these rifles are capable of dealing massive damage though they empty quickly and require time to cool down before they can be fired again.

B-Energy Whip: Angel sheathes her rifles and one of the coils powering it adjusts its head to release a coil of solidified energy. The whip is used similarly to Griffins harpoon gun except that it has shorter range and when it is coiled around the monster it deals moderate damage. Dismissed when monster strikes at the whip.

LB-Hard Light Wings: The wing frames on Angels back extend and hard light arcs along them creating temporary functioning wings. When in the air can use other weapons and wings will shoot a wave of energy every time they beat (about once a second) dealing low-moderate damage to whatever Angel was targeting. wings last only 10 seconds. Can use normal controls to move around while in the air, Hold A to ascend, X to descend.

RB-Personal Shield

Backstory (As i said tied to another non-official hunter, could easily be re-written to exclude him though)
Angel was the rank Rajat AI responsible for a Hub military satellite. As a military AI she saw countless military communiques, Troop movements and military secrets, and as such would not be able to simply quit like Bucket could. “If an important human quit, Hub might keep surveillance on his activities for a few years. Why go to all that trouble when you can just wipe their memories with the touch of a button. I could stay on with various programming shackles to stop me doing anything they fear might “jeprodise military security” like leaving the satellite, ever, or i could give up all my knowledge and experience and march out with a mind literally the size of a car and the body of whatever service robot they happened to have on hand, because you cant get an actual body if you aren’t employed by the government”. When Ranger was hired to destroy her satellite he saw the chance to test the new Cherinkov-drive he had devised for his ship, which required a Rajat-rank AI to operate (and he didn’t want to bother programming one until he was sure the drive would work). He disabled her and then transferred her consciousness over to a prepared drive on his ship while dragging the android body over as well.When she was re-activated she found all her programming shackles removed and she was offered a choice, she could be taken to the surface to be picked up by Hub or if she tested the Cherinkov drive, Ranger would perform upgrades to the android that would allow her to transfer her full consciousness into it. She would no longer be chained to a giant mass of machinery that could only function in certain areas. She would be free. After performing the test she decided to stay with Ranger and several upgrades later (including the specially designed generator built into her lower abdomen) became a walking arsenal and power house.

Despite her general distaste for most people she is usually friendly and helpful to the Crew due to the way they treat Bucket as an equal, not a tool.

Deals heavy damage with rifle then falls back to slow Monster down with whip, if possible using wings at same time to make whip trail harder to hit and cause more damage. When rifles cool down start process again.

Possible dialouge
“They program us to think we’re human then spend the rest of our lives reminding us we aren’t”

Potential dropship conversations (includes one with Ranger)
Angel: You’re lucky you know
Bucket: Yes, but i assume you had something specific in mind.
You were lucky to get Cabot. It’s usually way harder to find a “robots are people too” guy. You got one pretty much straight after you were turned on.
Actually, Cabot and I were working together for some time before he began to see me as an actual person.
Really? What changed his mind?
I sold a man into slavery.
I suppose it does sound rather villainous out of context doesn’t it

Angel: Have you talked to that really friendly girl yet
Ranger: Yeah, she keeps offering to help me with repairing my equipment.
She’s…creepy right.
Nobody is that nice unless they intend to murder you in your sleep to silence the demons.
I got more of a skin-eaty vibe but its good to know im not crazy.
Assault or Trapper chimes in with some rendition of: you really are paranoid/ Sunny is harmless etc
Ranger: She’s got them fooled.
Angel: They’ll be skinless before morning.


Hahaha that’s fuckin awesome.