Hunter Concept Creation: Support - Do You Like Thermite Guns?


Firstly I think that the Monster Concept Creation has a humongous community while I don’t see any evidence of a large Hunter concept creation community we should start generating more excitement in this avenue, because I think that there is a lot of room for new ideas. With this in mind here is one of my support class ideas. He focuses on placing debuffs on the monster that his allies can take advantage of.

Name: Matt Utto Dryier

Class: Support

Average build, slightly chubby, medium beard and mustache.

Voice Detail: hire Jamie Hyneman

Personality, Background
Genius engineer, mechanic of the Dropship, Cautious, Calculating. Always tries to find the most practical, realistic solution, the ends always justifies the means, even if there must be sacrifices. Often the voice of practicality in the group, is sometimes viewed as pessimistic, but he considers himself a realist. Is sometimes at odds with Sunny, and can, albeit very rarely, bring out her bad side, as she sometimes refers to him as the “night to her day.” Where as other times they might agree that something has worked out. He seems to have a mutual understanding with Bucket that most humans are abysmally inefficient. Always impatient, very peculiar about time, and will argue with teammate who can’t keep, up or are late to a fight. What particularly annoys him is when the Monster wastes his time by hiding, as he believes “It can run, but once I’ve got my Flare in it, it can’t hide.”
But in he end he will always consider that the Monster’s head is worth it to sacrifice some time.

Clothing details
Steampunk and futuristic(as in evolve type) mixed style clothing and armaments. Slimmer Support shin and thigh mechanical guards-support to allow for more free movement. Carries a pocket watch on a chain, that he checks often when not in combat. Infrared googles around neck.

Hunter Weapons
Type Name: Mercury Rifle - DMR
Primary Weapon: Damage
Ammunition: Mercury slugs, super heated mercury slug
Firing Rate/Style: semi-auto small shots, and charged larger single shots
Accuracy: accurate shots-little recoil, less accurate charged shots-more recoil
Range: quick shots are short to medium, charged shots are medium to long
Damage: quick shots do less damage, charged shots do double
Reloading: medium-longish speed, pull out the old magazine, puts in new one, pulls the
charging handle
Charged shot works on the Battery System: he gets about 3 shots before the battery depletes

Notes: Regular shots deal a regular amount of damage and decrease the monster’s Armor Regeneration by 20% for 1 minute. Charged shots will super heat the mercury slug to white hot before firing dealing extra damage. Only a charged shot can ignite the thermite. Since only one type of slug can ignite the thermite, players will have to decide if they want to add the extra damage on, or if they want the reliable hits with the after battle effect. Regular shots can reliably put a bit of damage on the monster in a short amount of time at a closer range while still hurting the monster later, while charge shots can put in a huge amount of damage added to the fact that they ignite the thermite.

Type Name: Thermite Gun - magnum revolver
Secondary Weapon: Cross Team Utility Damage
Ammunition: Paintball like thermite pellets
Firing Rate/Style: fires in 3 short burst splattering the monster with areas of thermite
Accuracy: Medium high, due to medium recoil during burst
Range: Medium distance
Reloading: Medium speed, snaps gun to side opening revolver, loads in 3 long clips with a
speed loader, snaps gun back to side closing revolver
Each clip holds 3 burst
Damage: Little on impact, builds up over time until ignition

Notes: the Thermite gun fires rounds of thermite pellets, that burst and cover the target in areas of thermite cloud. The pellets themselves do minimal damage. But the pellets potential damage stacks with each one that hits the target. These thermite clouds will cling to the monster. If hit by flame, explosion, or spark, the thermite will ignite and burn the target for an extended amount of time even after the energy source is gone. The more thermite on the target, the more damage the burn will apply, and the longer it will burn. Since it is a cloud the amount of damage available to ignition will start to drop off after a certain amount of time as the cloud dissipates. Areas of thermite fire can spread to other un-ignited clouds if they are close enough.

Type Name: Flare Gun
Utility Weapon: Special Ability - Tracking
Ammunition: Smoke Flare
Firing Rate/Style: fires 1 single projectile
Accuracy: extremely accurate, very little recoil
Range: very long, but it will begin to drop in altitude the longer it travels
Reloading: very slow reload, brake open system
Damage: Low-medium
Track time: 1minute and 45 seconds

Notes: This gun fires 1 projectile at a time, and has a slow reload, so while it is extremely accurate, with little recoil, the person firing it better make it count. Once lodged in the monster it will secret a wide thick, gray-white smoke trail that blocks sight, and smothers the scent of hunters that are inside. The scent blocking attribute will cling to the hunters for 20 spec after they leave the smoke. The smoke can only be seen through by the gun user who wears special infrared goggles, and they will be able to see all objects and organisms in the smoke, while everyone else’s vision will be slightly obstructed whether they are inside or outside the smoke. Can be shot into the air to give teammates an exact location of where he is, even without the the map on.

Class Ability: Cloaking Field

A opportunistic support, who takes advantage in any way he can to give his team the best edge, presents extreme disadvantages should the monster stray into his crosshairs. He builds up damage over time, steadily adding to the amount of damage that he stacked on the monster’s ticking thermite time bomb. And chipping away at the monsters advantages and resources. He is very dangerous if left to his own devices. He doesn’t really buff he team, he focus more on putting debuffs on the monster that his allies can take advantage off. The delayed ignition of the the thermite and the armor regen reduction, should really make the monster cautious about getting into a fight with him. As should getting hit by the smoke flare as it will block both the monster’s sense of sight and smell.

You don’t pack a whole lot of up front damage, let your teammates get up in the monster’s face, and call for cover fire when you go into get some thermite on the monster. Your specialty comes from long drawn out battles where you can duck in and out and lay down and stack up as much thermite as possible before igniting it. Team communication is critical to achieve a big ignition.

Leading with your thermite gun into your charged mercury shot in your bread and butter combo. Build up as much thermite as you on the target before igniting it, but you don’t have to work alone. You can allow another teammate to ignite with one of their guns, and save your own for last hits if the monster runs. Always try to save the short burst of the Mercury Rifle for when the monster tries to escape to refill their armor, so you won’t waste the reduced armor regeneration time.

Besides being shot a the monster, the thermite pellets explode with whatever they make contact with, including the ground which means you can set up traps for the monster to walk into, or make areas of denial by creating a wall of thermite cloud, and igniting it.

Always absolutely save the Flare Gun for last. It has the longest range out of any of your abilities so don’t worry about not being close enough when the monster runs. The only other time you should use the Flare Gun is if you have found the monster and your entire team is not there at the beginning of the fight, to help them find you faster. The Flare Gun has a long reload time so don’t waste it. When you use Flare Gun on a monster and are on its trail, get the whole team to get in the smoke. Team communication is key while you are in the smoke because unless your trapper has a way of seeing or tracking the monster already deployed, only you will be to see clearly.

Use the cloaking field right when the smoke flare tracker is about to go off, because you will likely be right on the monster’s tail. The monster has had no choice but to run thinking that it has been followed when the smoke dissipates, it will be looking behind it. But since you have cloaked your team the monster will think that it has given you the slip. This is your chance to starting laying down as much thermite as possible while it’s guard is down. Also use the cloak near the time when you want to ignite the thermite, so you can sneak in and out.


Thought I’d drop a note and say good work. Plus hey, I like anyone who still carries a pocket watch in this day and age.

Actually the Thermite Gun and Flare each sound pretty slick. What’s up with the name 'Matt Utto Dryier"? Just curious…or am I missing the obvious and joke’s on me?

Anyways well done, I love all 16 of the unique hunters they have and can’t wait to see what else is in store. Actually I never expected this many when the game was first announced in the first place, so I’m impressed. Not easy to do, and balance and keep unique etc. but it is something they’ve done well and looks like you have a knack for coming up with similar stuff yourself.


The support sounds interesting the thermite gun sounds like it would pair well with hyde and maybe markov i assume the lightning gun could trigger the thermite but the lightning gun tends to lock onto center of mass so it might miss the thermites if you had to get a direct hit on it.


Thanks man, i put quite a bit of work into this guy, as i have done with my monster concept. I decided that it was time for a change, because i knew that i could bring more to the forums of Evolve. I also heard that some people are sending letter to TRS with suggestion, so i thought that I would offer my 2 cents. I did want to make the abilities really cool and appealing yet balanced.

On the topic of the name, i did want something that could be an engineering pun, but my naming skills need work. If you have any cool suggestions, i am open to that. Now that you mention it tho… if you switch his middle and first name, it says: Auto matt"ic" Dryer! :smiley:

Thanks again, I hope that you too can contribute to a list of hunter concepts, if you dont feel like that, then feel free to critique mine. Tell me what else you like, and what you think can be fixed, so “Matt” can become an even better and more realistic hunter.


Yes you are correct the high voltage “spark” that Markov can supply will ignite the Thermite clouds. Its up to the Support player to get the Thermite clouds in the correct spots so his team mates can take advantage of it, but as long as he gets at least 1 burst in the center of mass, and the rest are close in proximity, then the thermite fire can spread to areas that Markov didn’t hit directly. Also while it is encouraged that “Matt” (name for now) allow other players to take advantage of the thermite that he has laid down, he can still ignite his own stuff with the Mercury Rifle, much like how Torvalt can take advantage of his own weak spots laid on the monster.

But please tell me what you thing about this, any suggestions that come to mind, or questions can greatly improve the quality of the concept i have here, so don’t be afraid to contribute.


First off, I love you support.
Second: There is a big thread about hunter ideas. Here is link if mod wants to move this.



Flare sounds like it could be interesting and useful or really irritating to the hunters depending on how thick the cloud is.

I guarantee monsters will hate it and I will too cause I don’t like losing smell against just a slim but smell + smoke obscuring my vision will make me hate life. Probably seeing him would make me quit if the smoke was bad enough.


Thanks mate!


Ok how about monsters and hunters (except Matt) Lose 50% visibility? I did the “double edged sword” of both sides losing visibility as a balance move, because like you said, its a strong ability for it to partially block vision, and fully block smell, and it also encourages hunter team communication, and if they communicate effectively it will be like the smoke almost isnt there for the hunters. For the benefit of the monster, Slims Spore Cloud has a large AoE, and he can put it where he wants. Where as this would be a bit narrower, large enough that the hunter team can walk comfortably inside, but still has a smaller width, and also, as a monster, you get to decide where the smoke cloud is since it trails behind you.


The double edged sword wouldn’t quite be that double edged cause the hunters could just pick someone who could highlight the monster Val/crow or abe kinda which would force a change to the code so that it wouldn’t work in the cloud or really ruin a monsters day.

It sounds like it would be a double edged sword the way you want to implement it but I can see monsters really hating it even if it messes with the hunters just as bad.


hmmm, i get you. So there are 2 roads here…sharpen the swords edge on the hunter’s side, or dull the edge of the sword on the monster’s side. There are 2 things that we can change to varying degrees, visibility, and smell. You are right in that if Abe gets his Tracking Dart in the monster, it doesnt matter that they can’t see the monster if they know exactly where it is. Although even if you know where the monster is you can’t see what its doing, they might not be that far away and could possibly be readying a ranged attack at your direction. This also kinda makes Matt’s smoke vision obsolete if the hunters have obtained a reliable way to track the monster before they got into the smoke. But this was also kind of the intension. You would want the Tracker to do their job and get away to track the monster, when it runs away or you can’t see it, its what they are supposed to do.

Here’s my 1st solution so the code doesnt have to change, give all tracking abilities and neutral organisms, including team pets, full visibility in the cloud. Or 2nd we can make it so all animals only have like 20% reduced vision, while human hunters can really see at all, by taking away Matt’s 100% clear visibility.

Those where my ideas to fix this, but I dont really see it as a huge problem, tell me what you would do to solve this problem that you see, and I will think it over.


I dunno I mostly see problems never been very creative with problem solving. There are tons of ways to fix it I have no doubt but I don’t think I would be able to come up with good ways to fix it.

But… imo if you dull the edges on the monsters side it quickly becomes useless while if you sharpen the edge on the hunters side it becomes tactical. You could make it so it’s less focused on monster and more focused on the area shoot on the ground so a cloud of smoke will pop up obscuring the hunter for insert set amount of time probably small giving them time to dodge around the monster hide in the cloud it’d have to be small so a vortex/charge could knock you out but it’d give you a good chance to avoid a rock throw if your team communicates.


But if you think about the monster is in control

I really just like the idea of playing cat and mouse, cloak and dagger in this smoke where no one can see each other, and is trying to guess the other sides moves and plan around them. And really the monster sets the course of the smoke. On the monster’s side, a strategy is that you could lead the hunters toward a mega mouth or tyrant. You would pass it first and maybe irritate it then run, and the hunters would run into it. As the monster, you are not in the smoke unless you walk back wards into it, its trailing from behind you. Its really like the hunters are at the mercy of the monster. Because while the monster can see where its going the hunters can’t, if they are in the smoke. Also the monster will always be able to put a good distance between them. If the hunters leave the smoke to see where they are going then the monster will smell them.

Tell me ehat you think, with this in mind


Sorry, just wondering why I was quoted ?


Cause you happened to be the link to the thread that I posted. Not sure why you were quoted.


Ohhh… makes sense, I was under the impression that you were like broadcasting my character for the world to see for a second and actually thought I was becoming successful… :frowning: guess not